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    Any new technological investment should take into account your financial demands and limitations. On the one hand, investing in the latest AI and automation technologies provides you a key advantage over your rivals, one that may assist you to save money and earn more in the long run. On the other hand, the upfront fees might be challenging to justify, especially in the uncertain economic climate of today.

    The corporate world is evolving as a result of process automation, and every company is seeking to automate more and more operations. Today, whole corporate divisions are automated, and Microsoft Flow is utilized to keep track of every step. Let’s examine the features and cost of Microsoft flow.

    The industry-leading automation software that drives some of the biggest organizations is called Microsoft Power Automate (formerly termed flow). Pricing and functionalities are the main concerns for any company considering using Microsoft Power Automate.

    We go into great detail regarding Microsoft Flow price, all the features, and the various pricing tiers in this manual.

    Pricing Plans:

    There are several varieties of Microsoft Flow pricing structures. due to the fact that Microsoft’s clientele is quite diversified. Microsoft Power Automate is used by clients from small enterprises to Fortune 500 corporations for a variety of tasks.

    Let’s examine the many pricing model categories:

    Per-user licensing strategies:

    Small teams and companies with little business requirements are best suited for these kinds of strategies.

    • The cost of the fundamental plan is $15 per user per month.

    Users of the essential subscription can utilize the software’s other capabilities and construct an infinite number of flows.

    • The cost of the plan with robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence per user per month is $40.

    RBA (robotic process automation) and AI are used in this concept to allow users to automate older applications. Five thousand AI Builder service credits and one attended RPA bot are provided each month. As a result, this raises the bar for automation. Because you may assign rules and algorithms to carry out particular activities when they meet your predetermined criteria, automation.

    Plans for per-flow licensing:

    The biggest firms that employ automated processes often should use this strategy.

    • The cost of this plan is $500 for five monthly flows.

    You can construct flows in this plan with a reserved capacity for an infinite number of users in your business. At $100 per flow each month, more flows are readily purchased.

    There are three price ranges generally offered here:

    1. License cost per user per month: $15
    2. $40 per user per month for license by the user with attending RPA.
    3. Flow-based license: $500 for five monthly flows

    Things that are covered by all price tiers for Microsoft Flow:

    With each Microsoft Power Automate plan, you will receive a set of features.

    • Integrate your data and functionality with enterprise apps by using pre-built connections.
    • Additionally, you may combine data with all of the plans via bespoke and on-premise connectors.
    • You may make and use custom entities for storing data.
    • With the shared data service, you can access 50 MB of storage for databases and 200 MB for files.

    Understanding the Add-Ons:

    Add-ons are available to customize your software’s capabilities.

    • You can utilize AI algorithms to fuel your flows if you spend $500 per month on AI builders.
    • Unattended RPA is available for $150 per bot per month and operates without human interference.

    Connectors Integration:

    One of the greatest components of Power Automate is the connector. Power Automate may be integrated with countless Microsoft and third-party software programs via connectors. Therefore, you may use connections in Power Automate to conduct a specific operation in one application following a certain trigger in another application.

    One good practice would be to alert the marketing department if there is a change in the general public’s opinion of a particular campaign. Using Power BI, you can monitor user sentiment, and Power Automate can utilize the data to build triggers and automate notifications.

    Even custom connections can be built to automate software operations that are not immediately related. In actuality, you just need to set up the API once to integrate with any software.

    Another example of this is exporting client information anytime a consumer promotes your business on social media.

    Is power Automate worth the price?

    Any new digital investment may be anxious, especially given the state of the economy now. The considerable ROI that Power Apps and Automate may offer can only be discovered by taking a closer look at them. You should undoubtedly perform your own calculations because every business case will be unique, but thankfully, Resonate can assist you.

    By utilizing automation with Power Automate, several organizations are doubling or tripling their return on investment.

    Use all the features mentioned in this post, evaluate all the price alternatives, and take action right now to choose the one that is ideal for your business.

    Finally, it’s crucial to note that throughout the years, we have trained hundreds of businesses. Power Automate integration and the automation of crucial business processes by EPC Group have increased productivity and revenue simultaneously.