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IT asset management is a cutting-edge business strategy that is being used by all the top organizations and corporations throughout the world. It aids in the management of an organization’s information technology assets across numerous businesses. The program links risk management, inventory management, and the contractual and financial obligations of an asset to regulate the asset’s lifetime.

You should think about purchasing IT Asset Management software if you are a business owner of a small or large corporation. Numerous back-office tasks may be automated, saving you time and money.

The best IT asset management open source programs available right now have been hand-selected by our team. Let’s get in and explore further.

What Characterizes Effective Asset Tracking Software?

With the automated tools at our disposal today, tracking and reporting on assets in real-time can become an essential component of how a corporation operates. Current software solutions are improving efficiency since they can predict a business’s future needs and scale up or down to any degree.

Effective asset monitoring software should be able to provide a real-time snapshot of what’s happening at every level of your company when properly implemented.

Below are a few IT asset management free software.

List of Best 8 IT Asset Management Free Software

  • Spiceworks

IT administrators and staff members are familiar with the Spiceworks family of IT technologies and the ecosystem that supports them. Spiceworks open source IT asset management is a fully-featured software that seamlessly connects with other Spiceworks technologies and has some of the best community support in the industry.

Spiceworks was created with IT resources in consideration and can be used to monitor the hardware, licenses, and cloud services used by your company. A feature-rich dashboard allows for genuine reports on all the data the system has on your firm.

  • Snipe-IT

A complete web-based warehouses and inventory control system is what Snipe-IT is intended to be. It offers a feature-rich package and is accessible as a self-hosted cloud solution, enabling enterprises to easily incorporate asset management into their existing business processes.

Comprehensive asset management, software licensing management, and barcode labelling for physical assets are among the services provided by Snipe-IT. A REST API guarantees full connectivity with existing systems, and a premium SAAS model can offer a variety of hosting alternatives for companies seeking a more comprehensive solution.

  • OpenMAINT

OpenMAINT is a management tool created to make it simple to maintain industrial facilities, machinery, and structures. A complete physical asset management system, it promises infinite customizability and supports gradual installation to lessen the impact on the business.

One of OpenMAINT’s main selling points is the ability to develop a comprehensive solution right out of the box. It has rich data dashboards and all the required reports and processes to establish an effective functioning solution.

  • CMDBuild

CMDBuild is a powerful suite for tracking all information pertaining to IT, mobile assets, and service management. It is an open-source asset tracking software solution. It’s a solution that is perfect for guaranteeing that your business is on top of IT maintenance and administration because it has a rich mobile platform to interface with its web services.

CMDBuild is possibly the most highly customizable and versatile option on our list because it was created using expertise and experience gathered in the industry. The solution includes integrations for other systems as well as pre-made workflows for a variety of management solutions.

  • Asset Tiger

Asset Tiger is a cloud-based asset management platform that offers thorough equipment audits and tracking. Asset Tiger’s highly functional booking and check-in/check-out capability, which enables customers to acquire asset ownership, is a significant advantage over some competing alternatives.

A powerful smartphone app for managing assets while on the go is part of the feature-rich Asset Tiger suite. Asset Tiger seeks to make sure the perspective of your company is constantly an accurate and real-time image of what is actually happening underneath by relying on these qualities.

  • Reftab

Reftab provides its consumers with a strong but user-friendly management solution for hardware, accessory, and licensing. Reftab makes upgrading assets as simple as possible and guarantees the system has always been up to date by doing so. It does this by prioritizing a user-friendly approach.

Reftab is in a good position to address the needs of businesses of all sizes, from sole proprietors to multinational conglomerates. Users may add, upgrade, allocate, and even geo-tagged assets to the system using the feature-rich mobile app.

  • ResourceSpace

Compared to the majority of solutions, ResourceSpace approaches IT Asset Management a bit differently. ResourceSpace asset management provides clients with plenty of free space to host business asset management solutions as well as the ability to customize their offerings to suit any size organization or need.

ResourceSpace is a fully competent asset management solution that supports a broad range of use cases while also being accessible as open-source and providing training and assistance as needed.

  • Ralph

Ralph is a compact asset management solution that aims to be as flexible as possible while having the least possible negative effects on current workflows. Businesses seeking a straightforward approach to asset management with all the benefits of a fully-featured asset management software are its main target market.

Ralph is extremely customizable for businesses even though it has a lightweight design. The software is compatible with a wide range of plugins and extensions, and developers have access to a REST API.


The most efficient action you can do to allow your company to expand and scale over time is to implement a solid asset management solution. It’s a crucial tool for getting a clear picture of your company and one that improves in sophistication as a company expands even if the IT asset management free software.

Few IT asset management free software produce such huge efficiency gains in such a short period of time. One of the finest returns on investment you’ll find with any software package is free IT asset management software. There is an IT asset management software free here that will work for your business regardless of its size, shape, or requirements.

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