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    Magento is an open-source platform, which allows developers to create dynamic and interactive e-commerce websites. It was first released on March 31, 2008, and since has grown greatly. Today, hundreds of thousands of businesses are using it as the preferred e-commerce development platform. The platform provides flexible functionality to online wholesalers with Magento integration, control over the content, looks, and shopping cart system. Magento brings efficient marketing, management tools, and advanced search engine optimization tools to give a comprehensive e-commerce experience. Some big names that are currently using Magento include; Samsung, Nike. Etc.

    Folio3 is Your Best Magento Dynamics Integration Partner

    Folio3 has deep expertise in Dynamics 365, and Magento Dynamics AX integration solutions. The company offers customized Magento Dynamics Integration solutions according to the needs of clients, whether it’s an integration with Dynamics 365, Dynamics AX, CRM, and any other e-commerce platform, etc.  

    Folio3 E-commerce integration solutions are specially designed to help businesses leverage the most value out of the Dynamics ERP by synchronizing back and front data, which improves the Magento integration experience with Dynamic 365, and Dynamics AX. It also allows vendors to focus on increasing their sales and managing order fulfilment. The integration process reduces the valuable cost, time, and removes the inaccuracy of data.

    Magento and dynamics integration offers various features to simplify the overall business process. Let’s discuss a few of them.

    Order Management Made Easy

    With Folio3’s Magento Dynamics integration solution order management becomes easier as it allows synchronization among Sales orders, associated customers, and all the billing details with Magento, Dynamic AX, and Dynamic 365, enabling rapid order fulfilment while decreasing the order processing time  

    Automated Product Synchronization across System

    Any product added or edited in Dynamics AX, and Dynamics 365 has a direct impact on Magento. Complete details of a product will be reflected on Magento, like product name, product category, etc.  

    Streamline Inventory Management

    Folio3’s restocking and inventory management solution streamlines the core business aspects which were never easy before. Magento Dynamic 365, Folio3 Dynamics AX plugins, and connectors allow real-time accuracy in managing inventory and restocking. 

    Fully Customizable

    Folio3 provides fully customizable integration of Dynamics AX, Dynamic 365, and Magento, so you add business intelligence functionalities as per your requirements. 

    Real-Time Fulfillment

    Fulfil a shipment in Dynamics 365, and Dynamics AX, while directly reflecting in Magento, with complete tracking, and shipping details. 


    Magento plugins charge only one-time installation fees, after that you only have to pay minimal annual fees. You do not have to pay for any transaction or order, while you can make limitless transactions.

    Dynamics NAV Magento Integration

    Magento and Microsoft Dynamics NAV provide flexibility to handle multiple operations from a single place by using connecter, and plugins, which integrate the sales orders, inventory management, and customer information between the systems. This whole process gives maximum customer satisfaction and simplifies the business process, reducing the overall cost, and enhancing the profitability  

    Benefits of Magento Dynamics Navision Integration


    Process more order in limited time and with the same resources by automating and streamlining your order fulfilment process  


    Customize connectors according to your business requirements empowers faster adoption

    Sales Cycle

    Streamline ordering process and eliminate error or delays by removing manual interference, and automating the order process

    Time & Money

    A customized solution according to your business need, which saves a lot of time, and money.

    Other Magento Integration Examples

    There are many Magento Integration Solution examples, which can be integrated with the world-leading platforms, and applications such as Salesforce, Shopify, Shopify Nav, Amazon, eBay, and Hub Spot, etc., to develop a customized online system based on your business and financial requirements. 

    Let’s check out some of the most famous Magento integration.

    QuickBooks Magento Integration

    QuickBooks Online is the cloud form of QuickBooks Desktop. It will help to monitor all your cash flows, transactions, and inventories from anywhere. It does not make billing, payments easier but simplifies the checking off accounting tasks. 

    QuickBooks Magento integration help businesses to synchronize customers, products, sales, and invoices that is how it improve the accounting management. Whenever there is an order placed on the store, the system checks if this information is already stored or not; if the information is already stored then it will automatically update the information, else a new user will be created in the system. The main advantage of QuickBooks Magento integration is that all synchronization is made instantly, you do not have to wait. 

    Track Income from Magento 2 in QuickBooks

    When invoices are paid, this extension will spontaneously update wages to the profit or loss statement

    Map Payment Methods with Deposit Accounts

    The extension automates payment connections between QuickBooks and Magento. Merchant can view or manage various payment methods that clients are using. 

    There are 7-payment methods support by this extension including;

    • Check/Money order
    • Purchase Order
    • Bank Transfer
    • Cash On Delivery
    • PayPal billing agreement
    • Credit Card (Braintree)
    • PayPal (Braintree)

    Map Tax Rates of Magento 2 Orders

    By synchronizing QuickBooks-compliant tax codes from Magento 2 to QuickBooks Online, merchants can ensure correct tax calculation in Magento 2 and QuickBooks Online.

    Sync Products from Magento 2 to QuickBooks 

    The extension allows syncing of products from Magento 2 to QuickBooks, whenever there is a new entry of a product in Magento it is automatically created in QuickBooks, or whenever any changes are made in product details in Magento it reflects in QuickBooks online.

    Sync Customers from Magento 2 to QuickBooks

    Whenever there is a new customer added in Magento 2 then the new customer will be created in QuickBooks Online. If any changes are made in existing customer details in Magento 2, customer details in QuickBooks will also be updated quickly, and accurately.

    Magento Amazon integration

    It’s certainly not easy to execute each part of the sales process from multiple platforms. Integration is the ultimate solution to speed up your sales process. Magento amazon integration bring the best management console or portal, which works as a central platform from where you can track, and manage all your sales data, irrespective of the place where the order is generated. This complete sales process increases efficiency, decrease cost, and improve customer service with a comparatively small investment.  

    So, let’s check out why you should integrate Magento with Amazon, and what the best Magento integration services are;

    Seamless Integration

    Magento 2, and amazon integration allows continuous synchronization of product inventory, catalog, and complete details.

    Listing Management

    Allows you to monitor which items are synchronized to your amazon, and create new items in Magento from Amazon listings.

    Fulfillment Management

    Fulfill your orders, use fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), or a combination of both to get orders into your client’s hand.

    Order Management

    You can manage your order from a single location by using the Magento sales order grid. Create a customer profile, and Ship or cancel an order from a centralized point.  

    Inventory Management

    It provides another synchronization between amazon listing and your catalog to maintain inventories. It also helps in increasing urgency to the customer. 

    Business Pricing (B2B)

    Business-to-Business functionality enables business account holders to buy from each other. By using the B2B strategy, you can offer different pricing to a different buyer based on the quantity purchased, which can help in increasing your Amazon sales. 

    Magento WordPress Integration

    WordPress and Magento are two of the most powerful and advance ecommerce development platforms, each with its unique strength and limitation. Now, integrating these two powerful platforms would certainly reveal even more powerful features and functionalities for businesses. Just assume you have a Magento store, and you want to integrate the blog section to promote and link your product better, “Magento WordPress integration” sounds the ultimate solution to achieve it, right? 

    Well, let’s discuss, why you should integrate Magento with WordPress.

    Better website customization

    You will have access to store themes by integrating Magento, and WordPress, in return you will have more flexibility, and various options to customize your website according to your business. 

    Better SEO, better traffic

    When Magento’s online store is integrated with WordPress it brings quality traffic to your website by applying search engine optimization techniques.

    Access to more features

    Integrating the two platforms gives you the best of both. Such as you can use static blocks, menu navigations, cart style of both platforms. 


    A blog to cart functionality allows you to create a better user experience for your buyers and increase the conversion rate for your store 

    Easy order completion

    This integration simplifies the order completion process, the order gets fulfilled more easily, and earlier which significantly improves the customer experience.

    Magento ERP Integration

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system offers business optimization by streamlining all the basic tasks in one place. These tasks can be order management, inventory management, and accounting, etc. The system lets workers from various business functions to stay updated with the department’s progress.  

    Let’s see some of the benefits of Magento ERP integration for eCommerce stores;

    Benefits of the Magento ERP Integration in 2020

    Integration of Magento with ERP significantly improves the efficiency, orders, inventory, data, customer, and shipping information are synchronized among business systems. It overall decreases the human effort, operational cost, while improving the customer experience

    Inventory Visibility

    ERP systems consist of crucial data like prices, customer info, product details, and shipping methods. Magento ERP Integration enables synchronization between both the platforms. It overall eliminates the chances of errors by reducing the manual handling of creating and managing orders, while showing more accurate results about the product availability and pricing.

    Manage Costs

    Magento ERP integration enables real-time data syncing, whenever any transaction is made it is immediately updated to the ERP system, simplifying the process of product and price updates.

    Reduce Support Calls

    Customers generally contact the Customer Service team in regards to their product query. These “Where is my order” calls can be time taking, if the customer service team have the right to access real-time fulfillment and shipping details they can entertain the customer within seconds and reduce call timings.

    Simplify Compliance

    Whenever you connect Magento with ERP, you make sure customers receive the right set of products at their negotiated price. Customer-specific rules and rates of your own choice can be applied to e-commerce Purchases. The integration also improves and simplifies compliance by storing tax information in one place for online stores.

    Magento eBay integration

    eBay is one of the largest world’s largest online marketplaces. It’s an online auction, and e-commerce sales website where businesses and people visit to buy and sell a huge variety of services, and products globally. Millions of products are listed there with interesting deals that attract buyers. It is quite different from other online platforms because it works more like an auction where the buyers who pay higher takes the product. Integration of Magneto and eBay can facilitate the admin of stores to create, track, and manage the inventories. Magento provides automatic synchronization with its extension, whenever a product is added, sold, or updated on eBay it gets instantly reflected on the Magento store as well. 

    Some of the features of Magento eBay Integration includes;

    • Inventory Synchronization
    • Mapping Categories
    • Modification Sync
    • Custom Options Support
    • Real-Time Missed Order
    • Price Rule Specification

    Hubspot Magento integration

    HubSpot offers a great CRM platform with unlimited marketing tools and integrations; it helps businesses to grow much faster and better in every possible way. It supports online stores with content management; social media marketing, web analytics, and most importantly search engine optimization, to attract quality traffic. Whether you want to accelerate your sales, improve customer service, or increase leads HubSpot gives you to best opportunities. The Magento Hubspot Integration allows synchronization of your sales, products, customer, and carts between Hubspot, and Magento 2 over an interval of time. Hubspot is the ultimate solution for online stores to re-engage consumers, increase purchases, and recover abandoned shopping carts. The complete process will help you to increase sales and earn loyal customers. 

    • Information synchronization
    • Order relation analysis
    • Import Magento orders
    • Workflows for automation
    • Customer segmentation
    • Create contact properties

    Advantages of Using Magento

    • Easy, and simple installation with an additional plugin, and layouts.
    • An open-source platform provides scalable and flexible eCommerce solutions. 
    • Efficient, and cost-effective program.
    • Accept various promotion offers, and discount vouchers during checkout
    • Allows multiple payment gateways.

    How to do Magento integration to SAP?

    Companies like Folio3 and others with relevant experience in Magento integration with various platforms can help businesses with their Magento SAP integration. Magento Code or SAP connector may be used for the integration.

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