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    To understand what JD Edwards is, it is essential to start by explaining the concept of Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software.

    In small or medium-sized businesses, everything is connected. For instance, in the manufacturing process, a system is needed to obtain raw materials. That system should be connected to another system which administers the assemblage of those raw materials into complete products.

    Furthermore, a business will not deliver the finished products without other systems like quality assurance, supply tracking, sales order management, and shipping.

    If possible, these systems should interact with one another to monitor all business activities. 

    Since everything that we do has an impact on business finance hence, every accounting-related thing: banking, receiving payment, delivering payment, product costing, and set assets- is also linked with this system.

    Formerly, if any software existed, it was a separate one to support each one of these business practices. Eventually, in the last quarter of the 1900s, Jack Thompson (J), Dan Gregory (D), and Ed McVaney (Ed) who respectively form JD Ed in JD Edwards thought of integrating these industrial processes. 

    Their earliest product in the market, JDE World is an integrated system to run all of the above business practices into an inclusive system. At present, such systems are named ERP systems.

    What is JD Edwards?

    JD Edwards or JD Edwards World Solution Company is a software corporation that focuses on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). It was established in 1977.

    In 2003, JD Edwards agreed on selling the company to PeopleSoft, Inc. at the same time Oracle attempted to overtake it but failed. After PeopleSoft had bought JD Edwards, Oracle Company took ownership of the coordinated corporation of JD Edwards and PeopleSoft.

    Now, Oracle Company owns JD Edwards and goes on with selling and actively promoting both of the ERP packages marked as JDE World and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

    If you wonder, what is JDE?

    It is the shortened form of JD Edwards. 

    The JD Edwards cloud program is designed to facilitate your digital corporation by providing you choices and control.

    Moreover, the JD Edwards accounting software, World General Accounting helps you streamline the financial processes of your business. With it, you can record, organize, retain and evaluate your financial information.

    Additionally, the JDE ERP software has robust capabilities and the functionalities it includes are for the following domains:

    and more.

    JDE has been a partner with IBM for providing top-level industry software solutions for the IBM power system including JD Edwards AS400.


    JD Edwards vs SAP

    For deciding whether JDE or SAP is the best ERP solution for your business, you must consider their functionalities. 

    JD Edwards consultants supervise your business tasks and projects involving the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne system. There are many JD Edwards consulting services such as Corning Data to solve your business problems.

    While JDE offers 80 application modules for a wide number of business practices more than its competitor, SAP offers 25 modules. SAP and JD Edwards ERP- both are business-leading solutions. Despite some variations, they have identical functions and industry software.

    Their shared features are human resources management, supply chain management, and stock management functions.

    When assessing the characteristics of SAP and JDE, it is essential to send a request for information or RFI to ERP system vendors to know the software’s capacity to assist your business needs.

    Both ERP systems support many functions right from assembling materials to accounting, sales, finance, and human resource management among others. 

    What is Folio3?

    Folio3, a software development corporation based in California, provides application development and support to entrepreneurs and large businesses by building inventive top-notch solutions since 2001. 

    It assists corporations with cloud migration, the digital revolution, and the performance of agile organizational configuration.

    Besides, having over 300 global projects completion records, they have a team of more than 200 Microsoft Certified Professionals. They deliver top customized solutions for individual business needs to drive customer success.

    Their integration solutions include, connecting with on-premise as well as on-cloud systems.

    Folio3 offers many integration solutions to its customers. One of them is Dynamics 365. It’s not easy to implement Dynamics 365 alone, as a Microsoft Dynamics partner, Folio3 supports each step- from customization to turn-key combination solution.

    JD Edwards ERP vs Folio3 Dynamics ERP Systems

    To determine if you should use JD Edwards ERP software, research its reviews. You will learn that JDE software is inherently complex that’s why you might face issues in its implementation.

    However, with expert support and proper training, you can keep going with using JD Edwards ERP.

    Here is what users most commonly complain about:

    The user interface is overwhelming

    Transaction screens of JDE software have several features, options, fields, and buttons. Most of them are used rarely or not used at all. 

    Steep Learning Curve for users

    JDE software system is known for its complexity of using the software. However, users can learn it with proper documentation and training.

    Difficult system integration

    Integration is not simple and is often an endeavor for any system. What it requires is in-depth knowledge and careful planning to integrate using various methods accessible with the JDE system.

    Inefficient system performance

    JD Edwards system is complex so it requires expertise in database optimization and infrastructure. Since its performance can be affected by many factors, JDE’s Configurable Network Computing architecture is also required to pitch your JDE software implementation.

    Folio3, on other hand, is partnered with Microsoft Dynamics to solve your problems by providing you with specific solutions.

    Here’s a highlight of integration solutions of Folio3 Dynamics:

    User Interface and Integration

    In partnership with Microsoft Dynamics, Folio3 offers flexibility in features with a user-friendly interface and web-based UI.

    Integration Consulting and Testing Services

    Folio3 provides you with dedicated teams of experts. From the beginning, they are attached to your system integration project to understand your business requirements and make sure to meet those requirements by developing the most effective solutions to your problems.

    Manageable Microsoft Dynamics Migration

    The difficulty involved in the migration of an outdated system to a new version is solved by the expert solutions of Microsoft Dynamics partner, Folio3. Now, it is relatively easier to migrate your database to a new system with Folio3 Dynamics.

    The distinction between JD Edwards and Folio3 Dynamics ERP solutions is obvious. Whereas JD Edwards software requires a lot of expertise to use, Folio3 Dynamics offers a user-friendly interface and modern design to make navigation easier for you.

    JD Edwards vs Microsoft Dynamics

    JD Edwards and Dynamics 365 are actively competing for being promising ERP solution providers. They cover comparable ERP system functionalities. Here’s a highlight of how they perform in each of the following spheres:

    Stock Management

    JDE EnterpriseOne and Dynamics 365, both offer similar support levels for stock management related-functions. Even when they get inherent support with the adaptation of source code or by third-party software, they are identical.

    Human Resources Management

    JD Edwards E1 is a more competitive option than Dynamics 365 in the human resource domain.

    Purchasing Management and Finance

    In terms of both domains- purchasing management and finance- neither of the software scores higher than the other. Dynamics 365 and Edwards EnterpriseOne offer relatively similar innate features.

    Product Technology

    In the domain of product technology, Dynamics 365 ranks higher than JDE. Dynamics 365 offers more characteristics than JDE EnterpriseOne.

    Quality Management

    When it comes to quality management, Dynamics 365 achieves a noticeably higher position than JDE EnterpriseOne. In this sphere, Dynamics 365 outshines due to its off-the-shelf characteristics in quality management.

    These factors, however, do not affect the price and implementation costs of JDE EnterpriseOne and Dynamics 365. To understand which one of them is a better choice for you, consider your requirements and the support system that the software offers.


    We have learned that JD Edwards helps businesses to streamline all processes. It is an ERP system with powerful capabilities to help you manage, organize and evaluate your database. 

    Folio3’s Dynamics 365, on the other hand, provides a better alternative to your business problems. Its ERP integration with Microsoft Dynamics receives a noticeably high level for delivering customized solutions by evaluating individual business needs.

    JD Edwards software is complex and challenging to new users whereas Dynamics ERP not only has a user-friendly interface but it also offers an established support system. 

    If you’re a business looking for better ERP integration that does not require hiring experts to run the system, Dynamics is for you. It offers you a dedicated team to stay attached to your system as soon as you launch it.

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