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    Nearly 87.2% of the global IT Service Management applications market, which expanded 16.5% to approach close to $6.3 billion in licensing, maintenance, and subscription revenues in 2023, was held by the top 12 IT service management companies.

    ServiceNow led the group with a 39.6% market share in 2017 thanks to an increase in ITSM licensing, maintenance, and subscription sales of 22.4 per cent. Ivanti was third, then LogMeIn, Inc., BMC Software, and Atlassian.

    Who is purchasing ITSM applications from which IT service management ITSM companies and why do we ask? And we give our clients all over the world the solutions, backed by decades of study.

    With a compound yearly growth rate of 1.5 per cent during the projection period, the ITSM applications market is anticipated to rise from $6.3 billion in 2020 to $6.8 billion in 2025.

    Top 12 IT Service Management Companies

    Enterprise service management (ESM) software is being utilized to provide an increasing number of employee self-service tasks for the asset, incident, and project management. Applications for IT service management companies are viewed as a derivative market that generates money for functional areas like enterprise resource planning and project and portfolio management.

    As stalwarts like BMC and CA scramble to keep up with shifting IT service management company, massive software initiatives to digitize business communities are driving the growth of cloud-based suppliers like Atlassian and ServiceNow.

    The top 12 providers of IT service management companies in 2023 are included;

    • ServiceNow

    ServiceNow anticipates having $5.5 billion in global revenues for CY2021, as well as a global presence that may attract new business from other locales. To boost talent and speed up innovation, ServiceNow purchased the following businesses in 2021: DotWalk, Gekkobrain, Mapwize, Swarm64, Lightstep, Intellibot, and ElementAI.

    • Atlassian

    As of 2021, the company ceased offering new on-premise server licenses. Although the business will continue to support current on-premise server customers through 2024, the goal is to transfer them to the cloud, and this product should aid with that. It is evident that businesses of all sizes have moved more quickly to the cloud as a result of the pandemic, and this should encourage the company’s biggest clients to follow suit. 

    • LogMeIn, Inc.

    The remote installation, configuration, and deployment of the GoToMyPC wireless access program through any number of machines at once are now possible thanks to LogMeIn’s Remote Deployment for GoToMyPC, which was released in 2020.

    • BMC Software, Inc.

    The ITSM and ITOM features of ITSM and ITOM are combined into the BMC Helix platform, which BMC Software has introduced as the first end-to-end integrated ITSM and ITOM platform in the industry. IT teams will be able to employ integrated solutions to find, improve, correct, and provide an omnichannel for IT and enterprise customers. By removing silos, these solutions will improve customer experience and allow for more informed decision-making. Additionally, it will give a 360-degree intelligence environment, monitor and forecast events, identify and fix security flaws, and find unknown assets in multi-cloud.

    • Ivanti

    Over 40,000 users on five continents and in a variety of industries use Ivanti’s software. Ivanti transforms how businesses operate through solutions for IT asset management, IT service management, IT systems management, patch management, and IT security.

    Ivanti released Ivanti Neurons for HR and Ivanti Neurons for Facilities in 2021 to give employees a unified experience across their onboarding, remote work services, and return to the office initiatives. In 2021, Ivanti acquired Cherwell and their Cherwell Service Management platform to provide even greater capabilities in ESM.

    • Microsoft

    The main focus of Microsoft’s ITSM strategy has emerged as GitHub, which has 73 million developers. Customers are selecting GitHub Enterprise to give their development teams the best platform for creating, releasing, and maintaining software. More than 70 enterprise improvements, including GitHub Actions for programmers to effectively manage their workflows, were added in 1QFY22.

    • Broadcom Inc.

    To create one of the top infrastructure technology firms in the world, Broadcom Inc. purchased CA Technologies. The all-cash deal has an estimated equity value of $18.9 billion and an estimated enterprise value of $18.4 billion. Over 90000 clients use CA Technologies all over the world.

    • IBM

    Even after passing off businesses like AppScan, Big Fix, Notes, and Domino to HCL, ITSM is still a top priority for IBM. Its acquisition of Red Hat might be advantageous for IT security.

    • Systems Cisco

    Through software-defined abstraction, Cisco ACI, Cisco Cloud Center, and ServiceNow work together to obscure infrastructure complexity from IT or LOB end users. This automates and orchestrates service provisioning & activation workflow. With the help of this potent integrated solution, IT organizations may automate synchronization among dynamic hybrid IT architecture and pertinent business services while achieving precise service mapping and incredibly quick service providing.

    • Datto

    Tens of thousands of the fastest-growing businesses in the globe rely on Datto to safeguard their company data and ensure secure connectivity. The Total Data Protection solutions from Datto provide constant access to corporate data while it is on-site, in transit, and stored in the cloud. Datto’s mix of cutting-edge technology and committed services are relied upon by thousands of IT service providers throughout the world to keep organizations operational.

    • SolarWinds Service Desk

    A multi-tenant, cloud-based IT service desk and asset management tool for IT and enterprise service management is SolarWinds Service Desk (formerly Samanage). Samanage runs on a single, constantly fresh instance of the program. The help desk has a self-service site, service directory, and more.

    • Atera

    MSPs and IT professionals can use the solution provided by Atera. The platform offers PSA, remote access, patch management, billing, and reports in addition to remote monitoring and management (RMM). Managed IT service companies can grow their businesses with the aid of Atera’s pricing structure. All plans come with unlimited processing.


    Choosing the right IT service management company is a crucial decision to take as it will make or break your business. The number of agents, or users, who have login credentials for the system also helps to determine how much ITSM solutions cost frequently. Depending on the features, a monthly subscription might cost anywhere from $20 and $100. But the cost of the subscription is only one part of the total. The overall cost may significantly rise as a result of customizations, integrations, and consultancy.

    Some IT service management companies offer their consumers a few free products, or in the case of Spiceworks, their complete platform, for free. Free ITSM software suppliers, however, make up a very small portion of the market.

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