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    Every organization requires a method for connecting with and following up on projects. Throughout the course of the project lifecycle, project managers can support their teams by using IT project management software to keep them organized, on schedule, and under budget. Here is our list of the top IT project management tools that will be in use by 2022.

    What Is IT Project Management Software?

    A computer application called project management software assists managers in the planning, monitoring, and management of projects. Project planning, time monitoring, allocation of resources, and communication tools are some of its features.

    Today’s market is filled with a wide variety of IT project management software.

    The Top IT Project Management Software Of 2022

    There are numerous types of project management software on the market, however, some of the more well-liked ones are as follows:


    Bugs can be annoying. They complicate the work of project managers and keep us from focusing on the most important tasks. Disbug is a bug reporting tool created to meet the needs of project managers, developers, testers, and designers while also making their life easier. 


    • Reduce the amount of back and forth with the testers
    • Without switching tabs, manage the complete workflow.
    • Your developers will know exactly what the problem is with actionable bug reports.
    • You may directly change any webpage using the live webpage capability without any programming knowledge.
    • Streamlines the feedback process and increases overall productivity.


    Windows Project

    A popular project management program that works with the majority of Windows-based machines is Microsoft Project. For those who are IT project management tools, it is simple to learn and offers an intuitive user interface.


    • It is simple to use and accessible from any device.
    • Its user-friendly interface makes entering data and managing tasks simple.
    • Both small and large projects can use it.
    • It provides automated cost, resource, and deadline tracking.
    • To avoid having to enter the same information more than once, you can establish templates or profiles for various project kinds.



    You may organize tasks using the internet tool Trello by making boards, cards, and lists. Trello can be used to manage projects, distribute assignments to team members, and monitor deadlines.


    • Anyone with a basic understanding of computers may use it because it is simple to use.
    • Both desktop and mobile devices are compatible with it.
    • Its visual user interface makes it simple to see what’s going on with your projects.
    • You can give tasks to others, monitor deadlines, and track progress using Trello.
    • You can collaborate by sharing projects with other team members.



    Another well-known online tool for project management is Asana, which keeps track of tasks, due dates, resources, and communication data. Asana also lets you build personalized dashboards and reports to track their accomplishments throughout the course of the project.


    • You may quickly create, amend, and track tasks using it.
    • Collaborators or team members might be given tasks.
    • To ensure that everyone is on the same page with the work, you can add comments.
    • To ensure that activities are finished on time, you could set targets for them.
    • Tasks can be distributed among team members.
    • All of your tasks’ progress can be monitored at once.



    By producing Gantt charts and project timetables, the software program GanttPRO aids in project management. Project timelines assist you in keeping track of all the crucial information linked to a project, while Gantt charts display the status of activities and deadlines.


    • Complex Gantt charts with many tasks and due dates are possible.
    • The GANTT chart layouts can include pictures, videos, and other components.
    • When a task is finished, you may set up automated email notifications to let you know.
    • Your project timelines and GANTT charts can be exported in PDF, Excel, or Google Sheets formats.



    A customer service software called Freshdesk assists companies in managing their client contacts. It provides tools for ticketing and tracking in addition to capabilities like chat, email, and phone assistance.

    The following are just a few advantages of utilizing Freshdesk:


    • It is simple to use and has an intuitive UI.
    • It provides dependable client service.
    • For every consumer engagement, it offers thorough tracking data.
    • It enables you to answer client inquiries swiftly.



    A computerized calendar called Monday.com can be used to manage both personal and professional responsibilities. It aids in the planning and management of enterprises’ workweeks. It has a number of features, including:


    • To keep organized, you can make tasks and projects.
    • Tasks can have comments and reminders added for later use.
    • Your team or organization’s members can access your calendars.
    • A calendar that makes it possible for you to see the chores that must be finished each day as well as their due dates.
    • A list of things to accomplish where you can add things and follow their progress.
    • The opportunity to design unique reports that demonstrate the performance of your company.



    Businesses of all sizes can use Confluence as a flexible and strong CMS to manage their material. It offers a broad range of advantages and features that make it the perfect platform for managing the content for your business.

    Confluence offers a number of features and advantages, such as:


    • It is simple to use and has an intuitive UI.
    • Its modular structure allows for customization and extensibility.
    • English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, and Korean are just a few of the languages that it is accessible.
    • It offers an effective SEO tool that can raise the rank of your website in search results.
    • IT project management system


    The list of most well-liked project management programs on the market right now. Each offers a unique set of advantages and features that may make it the perfect solution for managing the content for your business. There is probably a solution out there that is ideal for your needs, whether you’re looking for a straightforward system that makes it simple for you to maintain the material on your website or something more complex with potent features like SEO optimization and team collaboration.