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    All of the company hardware and software assets may be easily managed from a single platform with the best IT asset management software.

    This is crucial for modern enterprises, which frequently have to manage a wide range of software platforms and IT gear. You can manage inventories, compliance, licenses, lifecycles, and more using asset management software.

    To make sure you’re following industry regulations and to assist you in making wise business decisions, it’s crucial to monitor and manage these assets.

    Asset management used to be carried out manually using pen and paper. This took a lot of time and was frequently fairly wrong. Fortunately, there are many IT asset management tools readily available nowadays that aim to speed up the whole procedure. We’ve included the top IT asset management systems available in the remaining sections of this article.

    IT Asset Management: What Is It?

    IT asset management describes a comprehensive computer system that keeps track of all the assets within the company. IT asset management is “a set of business processes that include IT assets throughout the business units inside the organization,” according to the International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM).

    In an IT ecosystem, the procedure supports strategic decision-making.

    IT asset management tool connects the organization’s assets to its IT infrastructure. Management and IT experts of an IT asset management company may analyze and monitor all kinds of assets within the firm with the help of a strong asset management system. Making thorough decisions on the asset’s lifecycle and other elements of buying can be done using the information.

    How Do I Choose An IT Asset Management System?

    Online, you can find a variety of IT asset management companies. The several asset categories that asset management software helps to manage can be used to categorize them.

    • Software For Infrastructure Asset Management

    The program is used to keep track of the assets that make up physical infrastructure, such as highways, utilities, power plants, transportation tools, etc. Large businesses and public institutions typically use them.

    • Software For Financial Asset Management

    The company’s financial assets are tracked using this software. Investment funds, securities, loans, and other financial assets are among the assets.

    • Asset Management For Software

    An organization can use the app to manage the purchase, use, upgrading, license renewal, and other facets of its software programs.

    • Manage Physical Assets

    The resource is employed to manage all categories of physical assets that a corporation owns. These include furniture such as desks, cabinets, and lighting as well as technological equipment.

    A purchase should be made based on the needs of the company. Make sure you are very clear about the IT asset management tool purposes. Make a list of all the features you want the asset management software to have.

    Large businesses would need an IT asset management system that can record all the aforementioned features. Owners of small businesses might just have fewer needs. You should conduct online research to find the necessary software once you have identified the needs.

    Best IT Asset Management Software: List Of Asset Management Tools 2022

    Here is a ranking of the top 10 asset management programs, taking into account factors like cost, suitability, and features.

    Asset Management Software Suitable For Cost Characteristics
    NinjaOne Managing projects, communication, & work. Starter is for $39/month
    Pro is for $79/month
    Business is for $124/month
    Enterprise: Contact the company to get a suitable quote for your organisation.
    Task dependencies, team communication, time tracking and reporting, etc.
    Atera Internal IT departments, small- to medium-sized MSPs, and IT consultants. Unlimited Devices for $99 Per Technician. Management of inventories, troubleshooting of networks, etc.
    Freshservice Assets and Project Management. $19 to $99 per user per month. Asset management, management in many languages, scheduled and custom reporting, license management, and incident management.
    Spiceworks IT Asset Management IT network infrastructure management. Free Check the devices and licenses on the network.

    Manage the network, exchange, licensing, etc.

    Report on the stock, resources, and licenses.

    Auvik Entire network management and visibility. Plans, Essentials & Performance, get a quotation. Data on the device lifecycle, inventory and documentation, discovery, and mapping, etc.
    AssetExplorer Manage software, hardware, and licenses for IT. Free Edition: Limited to 25 nodes but fully functional.

    Professional: Prices start at $955 per year for 250 IT assets.

    Asset lifecycle management, hardware asset management, software asset management, license compliance management, CMDB, purchase order and contract management, remote control, and reporting.
    SuperOps.ai Small to medium-sized IT teams and consultants Starts at $59/month/technician. Excellent customer service, a user-friendly UI, and connection with Splashtop.
    xAssets Entire lifecycle SAM, ITAM, and network discovery. Offers free edition with completely functional but with restriction to 1 user costs about $39/month for additional users.
    Professional Edition starts from $1,000/yr.
    Management of hardware and software assets, adherence to licensing requirements, reporting and BI tools, procurement, receiving, approvals, etc.
    Nifty Collaboration in remote project management Beginning at $39 per month Establishing a plan and objectives

    Working on assignments, producing paperwork, etc.

    The Benefits Of Using An IT Asset Management Software Are

    1. Improved asset purchase prediction.
    2. Informed choices in purchasing.
    3. Ensure prompt upkeep.
    4. Know the asset’s depreciation cost.


    It will be simple to choose the best asset management software for the company after reading about it.

    Before buying the software, make careful to read the reviews and ratings posted online. The majority of reviews for the product should be favorable; else, buying the software is not worthwhile.

    Before making a genuine buy, think about utilizing a free demo. This will make it easier for you to test the software to see if it satisfies the requirements.