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    They say that everything that becomes old gets renewed in several different ways and the Implement guidance system is no exception. Implement Guidance System, a technology that has been available to farmers since the 1970s, is developing in several ways and coming up into the mainstream as agriculturists aspire to be more efficient and economic in their agricultural practices. 

    Implement Guidance System is the use of an auto-track guidance system combined with another receiver scaled on the implement to assure that the implementation follows the guidance track. Attaining accuracy in their farming practices and making the use of Implement Guidance System has become one of the main goals of the growers to make their farming practices more precise and this precision in farming can be achieved by integrating your farming practices with Folio3 Dynamics. This platform allows you to accelerate your agriculture business with Microsoft Dynamics and helps you achieve the desired results. 

    In this fast-paced world of technology and advancement, adopting the most precise farming practice has become a challenge. Farm management systems undoubtedly play a huge role in precision farming operations which depend on implementing guidance systems to compensate for the inevitable rise in row crops, encounters with side slopes, varying soil compositions, and meandered geography. 

    Benefits of Implement Guidance Systems 

    Implementing a Guidance System has benefited the growers in many ways. Using tractor GPS in combination with implementing guidance accurately guides the tractor or other equipment across the field which enhances the product yield. Other advantages of integrating the Implement Guidance System with agricultural practices are mentioned below:

    Better productivity 

    Implementing a Guidance System can help growers attain better productivity and good yield from the crops because it helps in guiding the implements to targeted pathways which provides the growers with the most accurate implement control for better productivity. 

    Precise placement of seeds

    Precisely placed seeds and nutrients were one of the major problems faced by farmers and agriculturists in the past. Farmers in the past used to spend a good amount of time to accurately placing the seeds and nutrients in the soil with proper spacing to ensure good yield but it used to be very time-taking. Thanks to Implement Guidance System, placing the seeds and nutrients with precision is no more a problem. 

    Increase of yield

    Using Implement Guidance System to carefully place the seeds and nutrients in the land increases the yield and generates huge profits from it. 

    Accurate tracking 

    Inaccurate tracking also poses a serious threat to the yield but the Implement Guidance System has helped in minimizing the crop damage to a huge extent by tracking the land accurately and precisely.

    Good quality crops 

    Growers, with Guidance System Implementation, can now grow crops of good quality. Such good crops yield good profits for the farmers and allow them to invest more in such systems. 

    Perfect rows 

    Implementing a guidance system helps to perfectly guess rows for unsuitable and mismatched implement widths.


    Look and any large tractor or any other equipment today and there’s a good chance that Auto-steer is installed in that equipment. You can now auto-steer when spraying or side-dressing, all because of guidance system. 

    Appearance of rows

    Create a more proficient and professional row appearance with the help of Implement Guidance System to make it look more organized. 

    Overlap of chemicals 

    You can also eliminate the overlap of chemical, fertilizer and seed if you incorporate Implement Guidance System into your agriculture.


    In return for less crop damage, farmers and growers will get increased yields, and that means more profitability. Farmers who cultivate shorter season crops, have smaller windows to plant and spray. That means they have to be even more efficient and get as much done as possible in a very little amount of time and that’s where implement guidance can be a huge help to such growers. 

    Target weeds in row crops

    Implement Guidance system allows farmers the option to mechanically target weeds in row crops, at high speed. This way farmers are able to keep the weeds away from the crops which can ultimately destroy the crops and reduce the productivity to almost half or who knows, even less. 

    Growers now know that the technology pays for itself. Making Implement Guidance System a part of their agricultural practices is becoming more and more popular with every passing day and it helps helps the growers increase their yields and minimize their inputs along with several other benefits. 

    Simply put, Implement Guidance System ensures that the implement and tractor stay on the same guidance line.

    Cash Benefits of Implement Guidance System 

    Making Implement Guidance System a part of the farming practice, many farmers have seen increases in yield even in low-value crops and vegetables. In high-value crops and vegetables, the profits are even more compelling. When farmers and agriculturists produce good quality cross and that too in a large amount, more crops get sold and farmers generate more profits in less time. This Implement Guidance System has not only increased the profits but has also reduced the amount of time required to grow the crops.

    Most crops have a standard process for optimized growth that needs to be observed in order to achieve a successful crop cycle and subsequently generate a high crop yield and good profits. Therefore, use Microsoft Dynamics agriculture ERP to plan your crop cycles according to the standard processes linked to each crop and using such advanced software, make Implement Guidance System a part of your agricultural practice. 

    With such an advanced precision guidance technology, you can guarantee that all your equipment stays on the same path year after year.


    To sum up, with all the technological advancements that the world has witnessed in the past couple of years, it is very important to make such profitable advancements in the field of agriculture as well. Implement Guidance System has undoubtedly helped the growers a lot and integrating your agricultural practices with such an advanced system can increase the yield and profits to almost double or more.