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    Farm management software has become a necessity for ensuring maximum production and profit within every step of production. These software are capable of using the information on prices, markets, agricultural policies, and economic institutions.
    Furthermore, other potentials include the ability to use weather forecasts, information on soil types, geography, animal breeding patterns, etc. to assist in the production of yields greater in both quality and quantity.
    With this software for assistance, farmers can become more efficient and create strategies for improvements in their daily farm-related activities and responsibilities. The recording and storage of data and budgeting processes become automated reducing chances for human error and corruption via computed analysis.

    Folio3 is your best farm management software tech partner 

    Folio3 is one of the leading technology solution providers in the globe. It has the relevant skills, experience, and resources to develop the best-suited technology for your farms.

    Folio3 provides by far one of the best farm management software as it helps users with crop planning and accounting through each step, from harvesting to distribution for large and small scale farms of any kind. It provides the option of connecting with experts for advice and even provides 24 hours, efficient customer service. 

    The interactive database helps with cost control and efficient raw and end product sourcing. Other unique features include transport and order tracking and automatic order entry controls. The interface can be tailored by the user. Users can even interact with government foundations and NGOs using this software to maximize results. 

    Additionally, the Geographic Information System feature even helps improve operational efficiency and productivity using information such as temperature and weather forecasts. 

    Folio3 uses very efficient small farm management software as it helps reduce waste production and ensures farmers are aware of how to utilize all available resources efficiently. Access to NGOs and government institutions is perfect to help small farms grow and maximize yields.

    Moreover, as it is a free farm management software, Folio3’s farm management software is perfect for small farms with low budgets and limited expenditure on small farm management software 

    5 Best Free Farm Management Software

    There are multiple farm management software available, all with ranging prices, different levels of user interactivity, and complexity. 

    Listed below are the top five free farm management software available for farmers to use across the globe.

    • Field margin

      Field margin is a modern, easy to use farming solution that comes in the form of an app. It helps you keep track of everything that happens throughout your farm in one single place.
      It helps to streamline the farm mapping process and helps users to get done with farm mapping within thirty minutes. It also helps to maintain records of crop rotation and helps to relieve stress about farm audits by helping to review farm performance via high-quality records.
      It is trusted by thousands of farmers in over one hundred and seventy countries worldwide and works in any farm types.
      As good as field margin is like every piece of technology it has its negatives as well. The farming controls of field margins are described as basic and drawing and editing fields function is limited.
      Field margin has both a free and a paid version. It also has a free trial so that users get a feel of the features offered in the paid version. The pricing of the paid software starts from $4.85/mo

    • Farmbrite

      If you are looking for something that helps you manage both livestock and farming, Farmbrite is the software for you.
      It is designed with one aim in mind which is to maximize your business’s output. It does so by ensuring that your business is productive and efficient at all times.
      Not only is record-keeping made easier by Farmbrite but it is an all on the solution for all your farming needs.
      Farmbrite helps its users to be more organized, ensure better record keeping, track overall production, manage resources, identify trends, and gain valuable insights to make sure that efficiency and profits remain the priority 24/7.
      Cons of farmbrite are very few, the only time users have a tough time is when they are uploading cattle which is more tedious than from other platforms like excel.
      Farmbrite offers its users a free trial, then after that farmbrite costs about $15/mo

    • Granular

      Granular is considered one of the best farm management software for farmers who prioritize efficiency and productivity above all else.
      Large operations can be managed by organizing all the data in one single system for clarity. Hence making the most out of every information entered all while maintaining a steady stream of profits without the use of spreadsheets.
      Granular helps to accelerate operations and ensures that data is integrated seamlessly from every part of the team leading to better decision making and better overall results.
      On the other hand, Granular is said to have a greater learning curve than most farm management software. It is reported to be harder to adapt. Moreover, the user interface also needs improvement.
      Users can get started for free on Farmbrite, then they can get more features for as low as $3 per acre.

    • Agrivi

      One of the industry leaders this farm management software has the vision to change the way food is produced.
      Agrivi is suitable for all farm sizes and makes sure that all stakeholders in the agriculture industry are addressed. Be it NGOs, governments, banks, agricultural co-operatives, retail chains, food sourcing industry, and any other parties whose main is to improve the efficiency of the agri-food value chain.
      Although Agrivi has very few disadvantages that are promptly resolved by customer support. However, the main issue is the high cost.
      Agrivi also has a free version, but it also comes with a paid version that has better features which costs $19/mo.

    • AgriWebb

      AgriWebb is revolutionizing cattle and sheep production with the help of farm management software. This software delivers constant profits, sustains the supply chain, and helps to reduce redundancies.
      The main aim of this Aussie company is to build the best software for livestock management for farmers worldwide. It has been expanding internationally and is already present in New Zealand, South Africa, The United Kingdom, and Brazil.
      Users of AgriWebb have reported nearly a 20% increase in their output. With over thirty-five million acres and 10% of the national cattle and sheep being managed it’s safe to say that this software is set to take over the livestock world.
      Therefore, AgriWebb is slowly becoming the number one choice for livestock producers worldwide.
      Despite this AgriWebb has its own set of limitations as well which include no support for windows or mac. Furthermore, it lacks features such as CRM, labor management, Order processing, etc. Also, it is very expensive.
      Agriwebb doesn’t have an unpaid version however it does offer a free trial. The monthly price is $50/mo.

    5 Best Small Farm Management Solution

    • EasyKeeper

      EasyKeeper is a cloud-based herd management software that allows you to have a complete record of your cattle anywhere provided you have an internet connection.
      EasyKeeper helps to make farming much easier and organized and allows the user to generate complex reports instantly. It also helps to schedule tasks and prevent errors.
      Easy keeper is suitable for both small and large scale operations and is best for streamlining goat breeding, contact management, and tracking animal health.

    • Conservis

      Conservis provides a platform to make smart farmers even smarter. It helps farmers to track day to day operations while simultaneously helping with budgeting and inventory.
      Conservis is best for small family-owned farms and large corporations. Additionally, it offers tailored platforms for both permanent crops and row crop operations.

    • FarmLogs

      Another great farm management software that helps farmers to manage all aspects of their operations and is available for both android and ios platforms.
      Farmlogs helps farmers to identify trends and make more informed marketing decisions to increase profitability. Furthermore, it helps maintain records for reporting to insurance and many more features.
      Farms logs is a one size fits all software, being beneficial for all farm sizes.

    • Trimble

      Trimble is a software dedicated to revolutionize and modernize farm management. It helps to do this by partnering up with various entities such as farmers, crop advisors, retailers, and food companies.
      Trimble automates workflows, saves time and resources, and helps in reducing human errors. It offers farmers the opportunity to make smarter decisions.

    • FarmErp

      One of the best farm management software FarmErp is the most advanced software’s out there that is used across the globe. FarmErp is used for farm and farmer procurement, processing, and help with financial data management.
      Like some of the other software’s mentioned above FarmErp is suitable for all shapes and sizes of farms.


    What is a software build farm management?

    To understand what software build farm management is it is first necessary to understand what a software build is.
    A software build is a general term that is used in the software development world. It is an activity in which translates human-readable source code into an executable program.
    Therefore a software build in farm management is a way in which readable code is transformed into executable farm management software.

    What are the 3 types of farming in the USA?

    Agriculture within the United States can be divided in three main types:

    • Arable Farming
      Arable farming is growing just crops such as wheat, maize, and barley, etc.
    • Mixed Farming
      As the name suggests consists of both Arable and Pastoral farming.
    • Pastoral Farming
      Pastoral farming refers to taking care of and raising animals for agricultural purposes.

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