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    Dynamics 365 Membership Management is a holistic CRM solution for Membership Organizations that can be customized to each company’s specific needs. Dynamics 365 will allow you to effectively navigate business data and receive a 360 degree perspective of member interactions, whether you’re an Expert Body, Association, Association, or Innovation Hub.

    We’ve customized Microsoft Dynamics 365 membership management to help the businesses deliver CRM projects faster, based on the best practices our experts’ teams have learned from working with membership organizations for almost the past three decades. As a result, the recognizable Microsoft interface has been redesigned to focus on the member journey.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Membership Management Features 

    Pick up a single perspective for every member, complete with all of their information, history, and notes in one area. This opens up new opportunities to upsell to members, which might be difficult if manual processes are used.

    Automated Membership Renewal Reminders 

    Dynamics 365 membership management automatically sends alerts to customers when the membership is up for renewal. This relieves the burden on the renewals team, and new offers may be personalized depending on system data, resulting in higher retention rates.

    • Increases Reach To Potential Members

    Depending on your needs, Dynamics 365 membership management offers basic marketing functions as well as more innovative features including email marketing automation and social media marketing integration. By implementing this feature, you may reach out to more potential members.

    • Portals For Self-Service

    Self-service portals allow members to update their personal information, preferences, and registrations. This saves time for staff and allows customers accessibility whenever they want it.

    • Identification Of Typical Non-Renewals And Cancellations Causes 

    Check and manage all member lifecycles to find common reasons for non-renewal, allowing you to make better future decisions. Also, identify members who are on the verge of cancelling and intervene before they do so.

    • Acquisition Of Important Data About Your Business

    With easy-to-use, customizable dashboards, you may learn a lot about your company and its members. Segment data in a variety of ways, such as member kind,’ to get a comprehensive picture of the membership profile.

    The Key Pillars of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Membership Management

    Your company may require all of these or only a handful. We provide solutions that are tailored to your individual business processes for all of these pillars. Examine how effective technology affects each of them.

    1. Event Management
    2. Member Management
    3. Education Management
    4. Financial Management
    5. Committee Management

    Benefits of Dynamics 365 for Membership Management

    • Satisfaction

    In a world where members’ demands are greater than before and there is no limited support, it’s critical to make sure the business goes out of its way to keep members happy. All membership data is captured in a CRM solution, from how they found your business to amendments proposed. All divisions have accessibility to member information, guaranteeing that everyone is on the same page and that inquiries can be answered without the need to re-engage the membership. The membership will be more satisfied if your organization is more efficient.

    • Retention of Members

    Implementing an automated service within Dynamics 365 membership management to notify customers of identities with no recent behavior ensures that members aren’t forgotten about. You may track down and re-engage dormant and disengaged users in your database by identifying them and sending them customized recommendations. There’s no need to waste time acquiring information regarding a specific account because everything is maintained in one single location. The Membership CRM will automatically alert subscribers whenever their membership is up for renewal to help improve retention rates.

    • New Recruit 

    Recruiting newcomers to the organization is difficult in just such a world of global competition. Your team will get more time to recruit new members and would have the technology in place to boost sign-ups if processes are automated. Additionally, depending on your organization’s needs, Dynamics 365 membership management offers basic marketing functionality or more significant improvements (including email marketing automation and social media integration), allowing you to focus on new prospects with tailor-made membership options and customize the communication to increase conversion rates.

    Drawbacks Of Dynamics 365 Membership Management

    We at Folio3 are familiar with the issues that Dynamics 365 membership management encounters. Organizations must have a deep understanding of member interactions in order to adjust to current demands and forecast future opportunities in order to retain members.

    • Unable To Keep Members Engaged

    It’s critical to keep members once you’ve attracted them. We know that customers are much less loyal than they once were, so businesses must work harder to keep them. This can be difficult if you are unable to properly examine the data you collect on consumers and truly comprehend your customers.

    • Not Being Able to Follow Up With Enquires 

    Because of this inefficient manner of functioning, organizations that depend on manual operations are much more inclined to forget member inquiries. Furthermore, prospective possibilities to expand your member base are slipping through the cracks, which our Membership Management Solution could help you to avoid.

    • Poor Integrations With Advanced Systems

    Businesses frequently employ several systems that are inefficiently interconnected. As a consequence, data is miscommunicated or lost, and time is wasted correcting errors. It would be advantageous to have a 360-degree picture of all facets of the company from a single system.

    Using The Services Of Dynamics 365 for Membership Management


    Web Browser Interface Yes
    Supported Web Browsers Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 9, Internet Explorer 10, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari 9+, Opera.
    Compatible Operating Systems Android, IOS, Linux or Unix, MacOS, Windows. Windows Phone
    Mobile Devices For Access  Yes
    Installed Application  Yes
    Mobile And Desktop Services Differences If needed, the service provides alternative form and view layouts for mobile and desktop.
    Service Interface No
    Apis Yes
    What Users Can Using The API All user functions are supported by the API.

    Additional security constraints may apply to a web portal API.

    API Docs Yes
    Doc Formats of API  PDF
    Sandbox Or Test Environment For API  Yes
    Customizable Yes
    Customized Description The preponderance of functionality is provided using typical CRM adjustments, allowing users to further personalize it.