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    How far would you go to find the most sought-after Business Intelligence Consultant in your industry? You know business intelligence is crucial to the decisions your company makes. It can transform the way you assess risk, and in turn your decision-making process. 

    In this fast-paced, data-driven world, you need a powerful BI solution catered to the requirements of your company. All you need is a reliable Microsoft Dynamics Partner, who understands your existing infrastructure and gives you expert advice on how to implement a BI solution with minimum time and effort.

    How Many Business Intelligence Consultants are Out There?

    Microsoft has over 1,100 partners for its Power Business Intelligence (BI) Suite. IBM has close to 400 partners for its Data Science & Business Analytics platform. All these partners employ the industry’s most experienced BI experts to offer consultancy services to intelligent enterprises who want to transform their unstructured data into meaningful and actionable insights. Many organizations that are working with these partners also hire in-house Business Analytics experts to work with them. So you can imagine what the market is like for this role.

    How Do You Find the Best Business Intelligence and Analytics Consultant Out There?

    Seeing how many BI consultants are out there, and the number of people which are already looking for one, you may think that it is next to impossible to find that perfect resource. Here’s where we at Folio3 Dynamics can help. 

    Why do we think we are the best there is out there?

    We are Microsoft’s Partner for Dynamics AX Business Intelligence solution. With this cutting-edge BI Solution, you can make sense of all your data, analyze it, and share the resulting insights and reports with your teams. The Business Intelligence Suite is based on a data warehouse design approach, which will let you integrate and analyze infinite amounts of data to your requirements. Moreover, it comes with a set of predefined dimensions, which help you in reporting and making sense of all your data. Our integration connectors such as magento nav and ax amazon is easy to integrate with your e-commerce stores.

    Some of the features that make it a favorite choice:

    • Flexibility
    • Cost-effectiveness
    • We offer a game-changing BI solution
    • We have a first-class data warehouse
    • Leveraging Microsoft’s existing infrastructure
    • Rich OLAP cubes
    • Faster time-to-market due to quick implementation

    What Does a Business Intelligence Consultant do?

    The role of BI Consultants is such that they help organizations in collecting data, organizing and analyzing it, and presenting it in a format that makes it easier to evaluate risks and make sensible business decisions.

    Their responsibilities include but are not limited to:

    1. Determining the role of Information Technology in the organization
    2. Always being up-to-date on the latest technological advancements and deciding whether implementing a new technology can be beneficial for the organization
    3. Data mining
    4. Process mining
    5. Performing data validation
    6. Evaluation of existing analytics systems
    7. Discovering trends in existing data and analyzing business performance
    8. Building predictive models
    9. Utilizing and testing Business Intelligence systems
    10. Working with analysis and visualization tools to configure data
    11. Devising measures to share analyzed data with stakeholders

    How Does One Become a Business Intelligence Consultant?

    After successful implementation of a BI solution you may consider hiring an in-house BI expert or train one of your existing employees. But how do you become one, you may be thinking. Whether you are already in the technology industry, or are simply passionate about it, what can help you is continuous learning. This is so that you can be up to date with the latest advancements and remain on top of your game, because the competition is tough. Some companies even prefer to hire consultants with Masters in Business Administration, majoring in Management Information Systems, so that they have the business know-how and also the technical expertise required. 

    Hence, whatever degree you may have, you can work on acquiring more knowledge about the industry you wish to enter. Then you can work on learning about computer programming and information systems. Having a passion for what you do always helps. More than IT degrees, technical skills are more in demand. You should have an excellent command over SQL and know database concepts like the back of your hand. You should also have a good command over data modeling. Of course, knowing how to work with BI tools like Microsoft Power BI is always an advantage, but this can be learnt on the job.

    How Much Does a Junior Business Intelligence Consultant Make?

    If training existing employees isn’t an option, you may consider hiring junior resources that can do the job for you. A Junior BI Consultant makes on average, around $69000 per annum, so if you hire one, that’s how much the expected salary will be like. One that has around seven to eight years of experience makes around $84000.

    Are you still unsure?

    Working with us to implement the solution will make data-driven decision making so easy for you that you will never look back.

    Are you still unsure how to find the best Business Intelligence solution? Request a free demo today!


    How do I start my own Business Intelligence Company in USA?

    To start your own company, you preferably have to have a degree in Computer Science or Engineering. Then you can attempt to become a Business Intelligence expert. After that, you hire developers and coders to help you create a competitive Business Intelligence Solution. Soon after, you can start acquiring clients and sell them your solution. Then you can partner with well-known organizations like Microsoft, to utilize their solutions and work with them.

    What is the salary for a Business Intelligence Analyst in USA?

    A Business Intelligence Analyst in the USA earns around $71000 per annum.

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