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7 Best Microsoft Dynamics Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms

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Investing in the right platform for your organization’s Dynamics business intelligence and analytics solution is a major step. Not only it’s a costly investment, but a critical step with the potential to automate the business data requirements. To make it even harder for organizations, various vendors are offering Dynamics business intelligence and analytics platforms, each with its own unique set of features and functionalities.

However, before you start comparing the features and functionalities of different platforms, it’s recommended to evaluate the business requirements. Just like in every other investment, the key to successful implementation of Dynamics business intelligence (BI) and data analytics platform is to realize the features and capabilities you need to achieve business bottom lines. See, if your organization needs frontend functionalities including self-service analytics or data visualization or the centralized data repository is the more pressing need. Once you have a list of “must-have” capabilities, you would be better prepared to compare different platforms available in the market and choose the right one.

Here in this blog, we have come up with the top 7 Microsoft Dynamics Business Intelligence and Data Analytics platforms. All of these platforms are widely used by cross-industry businesses of all sizes and shapes. So, check out what each of these platforms has to offer and see which one fits your business needs perfectly. Microsoft dynamics partner offers free BI demo.

Best Microsoft Dynamics Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms for Startups, SMEs And Enterprises

  1. Power BI

Microsoft’s own Business Intelligence suite doesn’t need any recommendation. It’s a powerful and comprehensive platform with a legacy of a data-driven culture. The interactive interface and comprehensive functionality of Power BI bring it within the reach of staff at all levels of the organization, giving them the confidence to make intelligent decisions.

Some of the worth mentioning features of the platform includes;

Self-service Analytics at Enterprise Scale

Microsoft Dynamics Power BI is a complete analytical and business intelligence suite required by nav shopify companies. The platform is completely scalable for businesses of all sizes, offering an affordable and secure analytical platform that suits the needs of organizations as a whole.

Smart Tools

Power BI comes with various advance and high-end analytical tools leveraging the power of AI and machine learning to ensure the most seamless and powerful analytical experience such as ax shopify. For easy understanding, the platform can be seamlessly integrated with excel, while it also offers hundreds of data visualization options.

Protecting the Analytical Data

Microsoft Power BI not only offers comprehensive data analytics capabilities but also brings come powerful data protection and loss prevention features. So, businesses can remain at peace and compliant with data security, even when it’s exported and shared.

  1. Qlik

Qlik’s powerful associate engine is developed using state-of-the-art advanced analytics, meant to revolutionize the use of data within organizations. The platform brings in intuitive visual discovery solutions to bring the power of data analytics in hands of employees at all levels.

The intelligent cognitive engine driving the augmented intelligence and scalable cloud architecture make Qlik one of the most powerful and widely used data analytics and BI platform in ax magento. The platform supports the complete range of advanced analytics use cases at the enterprise level.

The platform enables nav magento businesses to summarize the data from multiple databases, which can easily be accessed from the dashboard. With Qlik, businesses can expand the analytic possibilities, simultaneously while driving the cost of BI down.

  1. Bi4Dynamics

With over a decade of experience providing BI support for Microsoft Dynamics, the Bi4Dynamics is a well-established name in the industry. The company has delivered analytical and BI solutions for over 1000 projects across the world. With the massive experience behind its back, Bi4Dynamics offers businesses plug-and-analyze solutions, there are easy to implement and covers over 80% of organizations’ analytical requirements.

Some of the worth mentioning features of the platform includes;

Power BI Reports and Dashboards

The platform offers over 100 Power BI dashboards for mobile and desktop users. All of these dashboards are ready to be integrated with the Dynamics ERP, offering seamless integration and user experience.

Excel Reports

The platform offer businesses predefined Excel reports, which are meant to simplify management of operational tasks, as well as, take care of ad-hoc situations. The excel reports offered by the platform enable businesses to get detailed insights into the business trends. Businesses can also leverage the measures, dimensions, and attributes offered by the platform for quick data analysis.

Covers all application areas

The best part about the Bi4Dyanmics platform is its coverage that spans across all business functions including finance, manufacturing, services, sales, purchase, inventory, and other crucial business areas.

Revolutionary Customizations

Bi4Dynamics offers high-level customization options through its revolutionary five wizard-driven steps. The easy customization options enable users to easily customize their BI projects, just like the developers would do using the same tools used by the company. For specific cases, users can able to mix the custom SQL code with auto-generated code, while still using the customization tools.

  1. Solver

Solver is yet another simple and intuitive BI and data analytics platform that helps businesses make better and faster decisions. The platform offers a cloud-based solution to automate the reporting and planning process for businesses. Some of the worth mentioning features of the platform includes;


The platform offers remote access to reports, enabling users to keep up with the business functions; no matter where they are located. The platform offers robust reporting features for multiple business functions including finance and operations; presented in a user-friendly manner to ensure maximum efficiency for users.


The Self-serve planning feature from Solver enables businesses to eliminate the need for redundant and time-intensive spread-sheet based planning. The platform makes it easy for business leaders to create dynamic budgets and forecasts using intelligence business intelligence features.


The Dashboard offers businesses easy access to the complete organization’s health through intuitive and interactive reports. Solver enables business leaders to access detailed insights of all core business functions for faster and smarter decision making.

  1. Targit

Targit is another powerful data analytics and BI platform that offers businesses the insights they need to make faster and smarter business decisions. The platform is widely applauded for its industry-specific value-added solutions, widely used in manufacturing, heavy equipment, and airports. The platform is also accredited for its highest user-adoption rate, thanks to its easy implementation, usage, and maintenance.

  1. Halo

Halo is a specifically developed BI and data analytics platform that is meant to improve the efficiency of the supply chain function for businesses. The platform comes with advanced features that completely automate the supply chain function of the businesses, using innovative technology, and delivering valuable insights to the users.

It’s a completely scalable state-of-the-art business intelligence and data analytics platform developed with an interactive interface for high adoption rates. The pre-packaged solutions including automated alerts and “what-if” modeling make it an ideal tool to make intelligent business decisions.

  1. Jet Global

Jet Global is an effective and advanced data analytics platform that enables businesses to make instant data-backed intelligence decisions. The platform comes with stunning dashboards, and intuitively created reports, detailing all the crucial trends, identifying anomalies, and highlighting issues that need immediate attention. The platform enables businesses to access precise business information from remote places through the web or mobile devices, thereby, improving the efficiency and productivity of ax amazon businesses.

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