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    Artificial Intelligence has quickly taken over all sectors and aspects of businesses, transforming the way we interact with our work and our lives. The disruptive technology has brought about a positive change, offering an easier and more intelligent way to perform our personal and business tasks. And that’s precisely why Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI was developed.
    The Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI is an add-on to Microsoft’s Dynamic 365 suite, which is meant to transform your business data into insightful information, helping you to achieve more from the data and make well-informed business decisions.
    At present, Microsoft has launched three AI-powered dynamics 365 Insights namely; Sales Insights, Customer Insights, and Customer Service Insights. However, there are various other upcoming dynamics 365 AI Insights that have been announced and will be launched soon. In this blog, we have come up with all the Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI insights (which have been launched and which will be launched in future), so you better understand the scope, benefits, and advantages of each Insight and how it can improve your business operations. Contact Microsoft dynamics partner for any Dynamics AI implementation.

    Benefits of Dynamics 365 Ai Sales Insights

    Sales Insights are developed to assist salespeople to build better and personalized relations with potential customers. The Dynamics 365 Sales Insights also help reduce the burden of the sales team by automating various tasks, as well as, optimize their workflow processes with strong in-built coaching tools.

    The Dynamics 365 Sales Insights is built in a manner that perfectly complements the Customer Engagement Plan of Dynamics 365 Suite, assisting in improving the productivity and efficiency of the sales team.

    Some of the benefits of Dynamics 365 Sales Insights include:

    • Perform customer analysis to understand the methods preferred by specific customers. It allows to track and analyze each customer details to come up with refined strategies and achieve sales target
    • The Dynamics 365 Sales Insights leverage the Artificial Intelligence (AI) powers to understand the talking points and best steps for the sales team
    • Gain more leads, convert more and flag risky deals with machine learning powered features
    • Get Stay ahead of the competitive curve by getting detailed insights for the competitors
    • Track and monitor customer relationships using a unified data coming from Dynamics 365 suite, Office 365 and LinkedIn


    Advantages of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

    The Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is an advanced customer data platform (CDP) that allows businesses to get detailed insights of their customers for better understanding; thus enabling them to design refined strategies for marketing, sales, and customer support. The Dynamics 365 Customer Insights brings data from various sources into one unified platform using its advance AI-powered and machine learning-powered algorithms to give businesses a 360-degree view into their customers for the highest level of service.

    Some advantages of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights includes:

    • The Dynamics 365 Customer Insights coms with robust security features including built-in governance tools, corporate-ready security, as well as, security compliance for GDPR
    • Create detailed reports from the data directly from the unified dashboard using an extensive list of tools including PowerBi, PowerApps, Azure and more
    • Design prompt and instant workflow, processes, and response for customers leveraging near real-time signals from your dashboards
    • Discover new business opportunities by giving your team more insights into the customers’ preferences and profiles
    • Leverage advance machine learning based features to predict next actions from customers


    Pros of Dynamics 365 Machine learning Customer Service Insights

    Dynamics 365 Machine learning Customer Service Insights give businesses the tools and features to take their customer support and service to the next level. The Dynamics 365 Machine learning Customer Service Insights is built to enable businesses to create more refined and customized customer support services leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to stay ahead of the competition. The tool gives complete insights into the customers’ performance and preferences, as well as recommend the best approaches to optimize your response to resolving the issue.

    Some Pros of Dynamics 365 Machine learning Customer Service Insights include:

    • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) – get the complete picture of your customers’ satisfaction level and improvise your next steps
    • Identify any specific trend for problems that may persist with multiple customers through the dashboard and improve your resolution time
    • Quickly evaluate the customer satisfaction levels and make necessary adjustments to achieve KPIs
    • Get real-time access to different dashboards to assess KPIs
    • Identify the customers’ engagement patterns using built-in AI, and ML-powered features and functionalities


    Benefits of Dynamics 365 Ai Fraud Protection

    Dynamics 365 Ai Fraud Protection is meant to detect and avoid any fraudulent activities in e-commerce businesses. The Dynamics 365 Ai Fraud Protection is powered with adaptive AI and ML algorithms that are able to understand, learn, and adapt to different fraudulent patterns and continuously improve its performance. The Dynamics 365 Ai Fraud Protection perfectly complements the Dynamics 365 Commerce, thereby, assisting businesses to minimize losses to fraudulent activities, improve customers’ trust for the business by offering a secure shopping platform and drive up your online store’s profitability.

    Some of the benefits of Dynamics 365 Ai Fraud Protection include:

    • Identify — Identify fraudulent activities as they happen in your environment
    • Assess – assess any activity and categorize them into safe or fraudulent activities
    • Protect – Minimize business losses to fraudulent activities leveraging adaptive AI power algorithms that continuously improve its performance 


    Advantages of Dynamics 365 Connected Store

    Dynamics 365 Connected Store is meant to improve the daily operations of retailers to run their brick and mortar stores. The Dynamics 365 Connected Store uses a high number of observational data points using IoT sensors and Cameras, thereby, giving business owners real-time insights to efficiently manage their brick and mortar stores.

    Some of the advantages of Dynamics 365 Connected Store include:

    • Enhance the shopping experience of customers with actionable insights about customers like long checkout lines
    • Increase store profitability by optimizing the merchandizing decisions leveraging the AI-powered insights for store inventory
    • Protect your inventory and minimize inventory losses by real-time monitoring of goods through IoT sensors like temperature sensors, etc.


    Pros of Dynamics 365 Product Insights

    Dynamics 365 Product Insights complements the other Insights components to deliver businesses actionable insights for their products and services, thereby analyzing the customers’ engagement and experiences with different products.

    Some of the pros of Dynamics 365 Product Insights include:

    • Identify problems in products/services and prioritize repairs and fixes
    • Consistently measure the customers’ engagement and experience with products/services and identify opportunities for improvement
    • Identify the market opportunities for release of new product/service, and analyze ROIs


    Identify the needs and Benefits of Dynamics 365 Finance Insights

    The Dynamics 365 Finance Insights is meant to help businesses optimize all financial aspects of businesses including budget proposals, cash flow estimation, payment predictions, and others.

    Some benefits of Dynamics 365 Finance Insights include:

    • Improve the accuracy of cash flow prediction
    • Quick adaption with intelligent budgeting
    • Precise prediction for customers payments

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