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Is Salesforce Really an ERP?

salesforce erp

From the economic point of view, it’s amazing to work in the midmarket. Truth be told, tech has taken its sweet time to attain the enterprise level. Similarly, the world is digitalizing, and every company is a “tech” company which means every sales channel and vendor is switching to massive opportunities delivered by the midmarket. […]

BPM vs. BPI vs. BPR vs. BPE – Business Processes & Methodologies

BPM vs. BPI vs. BPR vs. BPE

This article discusses the differences between business process modeling, business process improvement, business process re-engineering, and business process engineering. You will discover what they’re all about and how they differ. So, if you’re looking to finish your business process 101, this article is for you. Let’s get this party started! Business Process Engineering vs. Business […]