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Best Enterprise Mobile Apps for Road Warriors

Best Enterprise Mobile Apps for Road Warriors
24 Mar 2015

2015 is predicted to be the year of enterprise mobility, with practically every major business either adopting an enterprise mobile apps solution or building a custom mobility solution from scratch. In this post we’ll look at some of the top Enterprise Mobile apps out there that are must haves for any business, from mobile device management (MDM) to mobile CRM apps and one touch conference calling apps to document management apps.

1.AirWatch MDM Agent

For mobile device management, the AirWatch MDM is perhaps the best solution available in the market. Available for iOS, Android, BB OS and all major mobile platforms, the AirWatch MDM Agent enables you to quickly enroll devices in your enterprise environment, configure and update device settings over-the-air, enforce security policies and compliance, provide secure mobile access to corporate resources and remotely lock and wipe managed devices. It provides end-to-end security for BYOD, including encryption of the sensitive corporate data.

Being web based, it also offers a lot of flexibility in terms of deployment options, since it can be deployed in the cloud, on premise and as a dedicated software appliance. It’s also highly customizable, and can support thousands of devices.


In terms of mobile CRM solution, although there are numerous apps out there for multiple CRM platforms, there aren’t that many solutions available for the Dynamics AX CRM, the built-in CRM component of Dynamics AX ERP, one of the most popular ERP systems in the market. A lot of companies use the AX CRM for their sales and service functions, since it saves them from the cost of using a standalone CRM system. DynAX is a multi-platform mobile solution for the Dynamics AX 2012 CRM. Available for iOS, Android and Windows 8, DynAX provides secure, real time access and editing of AX CRM data, even outside organization’s firewall. It facilitates real time access and editing of Dynamics AX Leads, Prospects, Customers and Contacts, Opportunities, Activities, Events and Tasks. It also supports integration with the device’s calling, email and mapping functions providing one touch calling, email and turn by turn directions. A handy solution for field sales and service personnel who need anytime, anywhere access to their Dynamics AX CRM data.


For one touch conference calling, there are plenty of apps out there like MobileDay, MeetingMogul, Agenday, etc. I’ve tried all of them but I liked MeetingMogul the best out of the lot. Mainly because of its usability, since it offers great features and is very easy to use. The app is available for both iOS and Android and offers one touch dialing into conference calls, reminders and alerts for upcoming meetings, one touch notification of meeting participants (if you’re running late, etc.) via call, text or email, one touch notes, access to CRM data (like related emails, proposals/quotes, team notes, cases, etc.) and CRM calendars, VOIP and calling card support, among other features. MeetingMogul positions itself as THE app for conducting meetings on the go and I think it does pretty well in that area, considering the features it offers. It’s also offers extensive data security since all contact, calendar and meetings data remains on the device itself. Plus it’s free to use, which makes it a must have app for road warriors in my opinion.


For document management on the go, Dropbox is the best app in my book. It offers unlimited secure storage, syncing and sharing of data, facilitating collaboration between teams. Using Dropbox you can share files between the cloud and all devices that each team member of the team is using. Each one of them can be authorized to modify the file and all the other members are informed about the modification(s) via notifications. Dropbox offers the following features:

  • Access all your photos, docs, and videos from any device
  • Secure sharing of files and folders with others
  • Offline access to your data
  • 2 GB of free storage

With Dropbox’s recent acquisition of CloudOn, the popular MS Office document management app, my guess is that the Dropbox app will soon feature MS Office document management (viewing, editing, creation) capabilities as well, making it even more useful for mobile users.

Wrapping Up

I think the above enterprise mobile apps are must haves for power users and road warriors, since they not only make life easier but also help get things done quicker, with the features and ease of use they provide. If you’re a business traveler, you should definitely check these out.