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Best Mobile CRM App for Sales – 2015

Best Mobile CRM App for Sales – 2015
19 Feb 2015

Hey guys,

In this post we’re going to look at some of the top enterprise mobile CRM apps available today for sales field personnel, that help provide them with access to their CRM and back office data in the field, so they can provide better service to customers and update sales and service tasks directly from the field. Let’s take a look.


Best Mobile CRM App for Sales - 2015

First up we have Pipeliner which is the mobile version of the Pipeliner CRM and provides access and editing of Pipeliner leads, opportunities, accounts and activities on smartphones. It enables you to create, view and edit the above data as well as schedule meetings, look up contact information, update tasks and to-dos, communicate with team members via built in messaging and track sales forecasts and stats. The Pipeliner app also supports integration with common tools like Outlook, Gmail, Google Calendar & Tasks and social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Google+


Best Mobile CRM App for Sales - 2015

Then there’s Nutshell, which is another mobile CRM app designed specifically for the Nutshell CRM, which is targeted towards small businesses and collaborative teams. It offers real time access and editing of Nutshell CRM data such as accounts, contacts, activities and leads as well additional features like the ability to record meetings and activities using audio & video, look up emails, notes and chats related to a lead, account or contact, and viewing of the company newsfeed and teammates’ activities.


Best Mobile CRM App for Sales - 2015

Then there’s Insightly, which is the mobile version (available for iOS & Android) of the Insightly CRM, that lets you access and edit Insightly CRM contacts, opportunities, tasks, projects & organizations data on your smartphone. It also allows you to email, call, text and get directions to contacts, assign tasks to team members, view emails shared by team mates and add attachments to records.


Best Mobile CRM App for Sales - 2015

Last up we have DynAX which is a mobile CRM app for Microsoft’s Dynamics AX CRM, the CRM module of the Dynamics AX ERP, one of the most popular ERP solutions available in the market. DynAX provides secure, real time access and editing of Dynamics AX CRM data like contacts, customers, prospects, leads, opportunities and activities. It’s compatible with Dynamics AX 2012 R2 and R3 and available for all popular platforms like iOS, Android and Windows 8. It also provides one touch calling, email and mapping features via integration with the device’s dialer, email and mapping functions so you can directly call, email or get turn by turn directions to your contacts, leads, prospects, etc. with one touch from within the app itself.

The free version of the app offers everything except data editing capabilities and integration with the device’s email, calling and mapping functions, which are only available in the premium version of the app. It also has an interesting feature called What’s New, which is like a dashboard that provides an instant view of all the updates that have occurred in the AX CRM since your last login, including team member’s progress on goals, activities and tasks. So the user can instantly see what’s changed in the AX CRM and is able to provide up to date information to prospects and customers.

Wrapping Up – Best Mobile CRM App for Sales

Although every one the above apps offers great features and usability, including at least one standout feature that’s unique to that specific app (for example, Nutshell’s ability to record meetings from start to finish using audio and video, the Pipeliner app’s built-in messaging feature which allows team memebers to communicate with each other through the app itself, etc.) it all boils down to which CRM system your company is using, since each of these apps is geared towards their own specific CRM systems. From that aspect, I think DynAX is probably most valuable mobile CRM app for field sales folks, since that’s built for the Dynamics AX CRM, which is one of the leading ERP systems in the world and is used by thousands of companies including Fortune 500 and 100s, most of whom use the built in CRM module that comes bundled with the Dynamics AX, for their customer service and sales management, rather than a standalone third party CRM system. So if your company uses the Dynamics AX CRM, DynAX is the mobile CRM solution for you.

On the other hand if your company uses one of the other CRM systems mentioned above, then their corresponding mobile app is probably the solution you should look into for your field sales team.

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