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    Business Intelligence or BI is an important tool which helps with the planning and execution of key goals and objectives of an organization. BI provides stakeholders essential insights and analyses trends to aid them in making accurate and strategic decisions. 

    Business intelligence has gained popularity across different industries to scale businesses and make well-informed decisions. 

    Machine learning and artificial intelligence have evolved the way business intelligence tools function. The underlying data properties based on a large amount of data help users generate reports and predictive analytics for better business performance. 

    What is Mobile Business Intelligence Software

    A mobile business intelligence software essentially allows you to structure data in meaningful ways. Data scientists then dig into the data to find patterns and use it for future forecasting, discover KPIs through predictive analytics and solve advanced statistical problems. 

    A mobile BI Software or application allows you to view and create reports, share information with teams and management on the go. It creates ease of sharing and keeps you abreast of your business processes.

    Moreover, a mobile BI application can either be integrated with a tool or can require separate architecture for mobile publishing depending upon the vendor. 

    Features of Mobile BI Software

    There are a several factors that play into the features of a mobile BI solution which include:

    • The architecture roles such as usage, security, and components should be clear.
    • The level of usage and sensors of the device play an important role to determine the requirements of the application. 
    • The features are dependent on mobile hardware therefore, the selection of mobile devices is important. 
    • The GPS, NLP, and other mobile features can be used ad hoc to direct the potential client towards a relevant article or product through BI. 
    • The trend should be more towards a generation of knowledge rather than content creation. 

    Functions of Mobile BI application

    • Analytics

    A mobile BI solution should provide accurate analytics through relevant datasets. Analytics are essential for any company to gain insights into the operations and functions of the business and how well they are doing. 

    • Reporting

    Users generate reports based on analytics. The reporting extends knowledge management and identifies different and often, several business opportunities to assist the key management of the organization. 

    • Data mining

    Data mining is an important feature for companies that own a large amount of data. This data then used to look for new opportunities and improve current ventures.

    • Data warehouse

    This is one of the key components of BI. A data warehouse often known as DW is used as a repository of data gathered from single or various disparate sources. The data is widely used in reporting. 

    • Collaboration

    Another main function of BI is the collaboration of teams. Different individuals or departments work together on the BI-generated reports and perform tasks according to the insights which reduces miscommunication and makes it easier to work towards a common goal.

    Top Mobile BI Software

    With the increasing demand for Mobile BI Software, several vendors provide the mobile BI apps either free or paid as a form of integrated tools or as separate application and APIs. 

    Below we have discussed some of the top Mobile BI Software on account of their usage, technology, and functions. 

      1. Sisense (Rating: 8.2)

    Quick overview: easy to use, large data crunching in seconds,mobile-friendly app that collects data from multiple sources.

    Sisense is one of the top mobile BI applications. It administers the high-powered technology of InChip which works 50 times faster than other tools. 

    This makes Sisense one of the most advanced mobile BI solutions for businesses that look for scalable tools. 

    Sisense mobile BI application is extremely easy to use, even for a non-tech person as it shows visualized data in just one click. This BI tool was specially designed to enable the user’s access information without any help from IT support. 

      1. Microsoft Power BI Pro (Rating 7.4)

    Quick Overview: higher refresh rate of the dataset, isolation of noisy neighbors, large dataset, huge storage of dataset without user quotas.

    MS Power BI is a SaaS, cloud-based, and self-service BI tool which empowers your interaction with business data in the most unique form. 

    You can visualize your data in many forms to make it easier to understand. It allows you to keep an eye on business operations, analytics, KPIs on the go. 

    Ever since it was launched, its users have gained powerful insights, helping them become more aware of the ever-changing trends. It allows for a quick response to changes without wasting precious time as it pins your datasets in the memory which enables quick access to important information. 

      1. Google Analytics (free) (Rating 8.3)

    Quick Overview: scorecards, funnels, conversion, intelligence, anomaly detection, monitoring tools. 

    Google Analytics is a powerful BI solution for marketers. With the increasing number of online marketplaces, Google Analytics connected with BI can change the game for salespersons. 

    It can be connected with CRM, and retrieve customer history, customer satisfaction rate, abandoned carts rate, and much more. It also aids in making better-informed decisions on higher levels of an organization with its powerhouse load of features. 

    Marketing teams can effectively trace every step of the buyer through their marketing campaigns and exponentially increase the conversion rate from the information. 

    Moreover, a JavaScript tag is added on each page which allows Google to trace back and consolidate the visitor information in one of its servers. This information is then used in various ways. 

    Furthermore, Google Analytics can be connected with various other platforms such as Google Adsense, Google Optimize 360, Google Search Console, Google Studio, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which help increase its functionality ten-fold.

      1. Roambi Analytics (Rating 7.7)

    Quick Overview: API applications, customization & branding, unlimited users, advanced support, SAP business objects, built for mobile. 

    Roambi Analytics comes with ten different data visualizations and interactive designs known as “VIEWS”, which makes data creation and sharing more interesting and engaging.

    This Mobile application gives the user liberty of movement without losing sight of data. The insights refresh in real-time, which allows quick and accurate decision-making. 

    Additionally, Roambi gives Native Applications instantaneous performance, native cloud backend data connectivity, and administration, customization, and branding for easy storytelling, single sign-in for consistent inflow of data which makes seamless data integration in PC and mobile quite safer and faster.

      1. IBM Cognos Analytics (Rating 6.9)

    Quick Overview: Data server, reporting, planning analytics, storytelling.

    The powerful BI solution from IBM Cognos Analytics provides the user a unified experience from web or mobile which allows for quick sharing of information and insights easily. The hybrid solution of on-premise or cloud-based gives the user the freedom to have their business at their fingertips. 

    The IBM Cognos provides the user self-service, smarter options for creating and finding relative datasets and leverages IT in every possible manner. The automatic data-model creation from keywords considerably sets it apart from its competitors.

      1. Amazon QuickSight (Rating 6.6)

    Quick Overview: multiple datasets in a single dashboard, the app includes support and updates, adds custom columns with one click, connects to local excel files, creates multiple dashboards. 

    The Amazon QuickSight uses the advanced technology SPICE Super-fast Parallel In-memory Calculation Engine to quickly render insights into interactive visualizations of data and dispenses perfect automation of results based on underlying properties of the dataset. 

    The tool can be easily connected with different Amazon services such as Redshift, Aurora, S3, EMR, RDS, DynamoDB, and others. 

    The Mobile BI application provides unlimited HTML file distribution. And the data can be downloaded in CSV and TSV formats for easy access. 

      1. Domo (Rating 8.1)

    Quick Overview: 1000+ apps and increasing, flexible design, open data platforms, Domo APIs, performance provisions. 

    Domo BI mobile software is one of the leading tools which allows organizations to grow exponentially with great insights into data and how best to utilize it. The interactive yet simple visualizations allow users to find, create and share information on every level with minimal IT support. 

    It brings together all the executive components which allow maximum productivity, access on the go, and team collaboration. 

    The clear insights make decision-making easy for the stakeholders within the organization. With Domo, the users can easily compare, visualize and optimize data for better results. 

      1. Dimensional Insight (Rating 8.9)

    Quick Overview: end-to-end enterprise-wide functions, secured encryption, powerful analytics, ETL tools. 

    This is another enterprise BI Software. The Diver’s Platform is a Dimensional Insight analytics and reporting platform which provides insights without a database. It can integrate information from multiple sources which make reporting easy and quick. 

    The Mobile BI Software provides comprehensive data integration tools enterprise-wide. It makes data management, business rules management, business information management easy and accessible to the key users for a quick decision-making process. 

    The end-to-end Diver Platform is a single solution for all your business problems. The self-service, visual data integration, specter data engine, and secure collaboration help you achieve your business goals with less time and resources. 

      1. MicroStrategy (Rating 7.8)

    Quick Overview: ad hoc queries, federal analytics, hyperintelligence, NLP

    MicroStrategy is one of the top mobile business intelligence software. Unlike other BI applications, MicroStrategy provides relational OLAP (ROLAP) which allows data drilling to the transactional level, or multidimensional databases which allow deep insights and reporting for the business. 

    This technique is not possible in traditional OLAP systems. The Mobile BI Software uses single metadata which allows data consistency and streamlining of functions. 

    The sophisticated system provides ad hoc queries, detailed formatted dashboards, automated report distribution, thresholds, and alerts which makes it a unique system.

    Moreover, Microsoft Office integration for developers adds another dimension of functionality. It is an enterprise BI Software that covers all of the functions and provides administrative and developmental tools. 

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