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    Healthcare providers face ongoing technological problems as a result of HIPAA, PCI DSS, and other industry standards.

    Your IT security and performance are under more scrutiny than ever, but fulfilling these technical requirements can be quite challenging.

    Maintaining security and compliance can seem difficult, but we have created healthcare IT consulting that is affordable and can be tailored to your company’s specific requirements. We are prepared to assist you with any of your goals, including moving to the cloud, streamlining internal operations, securing your mobile services, and ensuring compliance.

    List Of Best IT Healthcare Consulting Firms & Companies 2022

    • Wipro 

    Wipro offers affordable, top-notch healthcare services thanks to its reliable systems, useful products, and successful business methods. Because they work across the whole healthcare value chain, from Health and Human Services (HHS) to care provision, delivery, and pharmacy benefits management, the organization is especially well-positioned to do this (PBM). The business operates one of the largest e-governance healthcare IT consulting firm in the world in India, with experience in resolving claims totaling over $15 billion.

    • IBM 

    The market for healthcare IT consulting services is dominated by IBM. The business offers a portfolio of consulting and IT implementation services that are at the top of its field. The company’s Global Business Services division offers a range of technologies and services to assist its clients in achieving their business objectives, including in the healthcare industry. GBS, which blends industry knowledge, functional expertise, and applications with the strength of design, cognitive computing, and the cloud, is the digital reinvention partner for IBM clients.

    • Atos 

    Organizations can receive comprehensive assistance from Atos Healthcare Solutions in improving patient care, lowering costs, and improving the provider and patient experience. As a service provider authorized by Epic, Atos offers dependable services that produce complete cost reductions together with effective EHR use. Additionally, Atos provides extensive cloud services that let healthcare organizations control expenses while also enhancing patient satisfaction and care quality.

    • Cerner 

    Global healthcare information technology (HCIT) solutions and services are offered by Cerner Corporation. The company provides HCIT solutions, solutions for medical device integration, professional services, remote hosting services, document management and imaging solutions, as well as other services for health and welfare. Hospitals, solo practices, healthcare providers, individual customers, and employer groups make up the majority of the company’s end users.

    • Microsoft

    With the aid of its cutting-edge eHealth and digital healthcare solutions, Microsoft helps companies to offer better healthcare experiences and community health outcomes. Microsoft offers a variety of services for the healthcare sector, from Patient Engagement tools that improve patient relationships to Operational Analytics that uses data to improve how care is delivered by the organization.

    • IQVIA

    A management consultancy company in the global biotech and pharmaceutical industries is called IQVIA. They offer clients in the life sciences and healthcare industries access to data assets, advanced analytics, technology, and domain knowledge. They also offer commercial outsourcing and biopharmaceutical development services, with a primary focus on Phase I-IV clinical trials.

    • Accenture

    Accenture helps clients increase performance and provide long-term value for stakeholders by bridging the gap between business and technology, which is why stands among the leading healthcare IT companies. The business promotes a “culture of cultures” where its employees feel at home and may achieve their professional and personal best. To create an inclusive workplace, it is important to ensure that individuals can speak openly and honestly about touchy subjects like bias and inclusion without fear of retribution or career limitations.

    • McKesson

    The leading HCIT solution and service provider is McKesson Corporation. It offers a wide variety of services and support options. The organization is constantly working to strengthen and improve its current portfolio. With the aid of its managed IT healthcare consulting services, clients can increase and expand the capacity of their current IT infrastructure and hasten the development and optimization of new applications.

    • NTT Data Corp 

    A pioneer in the creation and fusion of information technology and data communication technologies is NTT Data. The corporation primarily conducts business in four industry sectors: global, enterprise and solutions, financial, and public and social infrastructure. The Enterprise & Solutions Segment provides IT services to more than 11 industry sectors, including, among others, the public sector, banking and financial services, healthcare and life sciences, insurance, telecommunication, automotive, manufacturing, retail, and education.

    • Optimum Healthcare 

    To help its clients accomplish their anticipated goals, Optimum Healthcare offers expert advisory services in the areas of developing strategic, financial, operational, and technology solutions as well as controlling and regulating risks to enhance their operations and financial performance. The organization has years of experience as a clinical, operational, and of being healthcare IT consultant, which it uses to improve the strategy, and practice, and identify the resources needed to implement on schedule and under budget.

    • Impact Advisors 

    Impact Advisors is a fully incorporated group of professionals committed to improving healthcare and making a good impact. The business offers healthcare organizations the best IT consulting healthcare, application, and optimization services. The business gives its customers the power by offering them a full range of services and solutions that cover both the lifetime of their needs and the breadth of established as well as emerging healthcare methods and technologies.

    • General Electric 

    GE is a financial service and diversified infrastructure corporation. Through its three reportable segments—Healthcare Systems, Life Sciences, and Healthcare Digital—the corporation offers healthcare services. The healthcare digital segment offers HCIT consulting services as well as medical technologies, software, analytics, cloud solutions, implementation, and other services. 


    As a result of new legislation, changing patient expectations, and disruptive new technologies, healthcare is rapidly evolving, as is the role of information technology inside it. As businesses use technology to comply with new norms and standards, medical providers are realizing that efficient and secure healthcare IT consulting is crucial to their success.