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    Business and communication are two different industries. Effective communication is one of the fundamental factors that strongly connect businesses with their prospects. Moreover, the growth of a business is also affected by the communication it does with its clients. Hence, it becomes critical for a business to operate its communication system efficiently. Organizations need to execute a successful strategy and set up a system. This will enable them to deliver incredible customer experience by managing calls effectively. A call management software allows businesses to manage and respond to their business calls seamlessly. With a call management software, you not only improve the on-call experience of your prospects but also of other stakeholders. 

    This results in the growth of your business and the enhancement of all your business relationships.

    What is a Call Management System?

    Call management is the process and system that organizations and businesses use to manage and control incoming calls. 

    It is a system that ensures customers are receiving optimal responses to their calls within time as well as tracks callers to improve relationships with those prospects and clients.

    Call management systems purpose are to track calls, obtain useful information from callers, and route the calls to the right agent. Therefore, it is a crucial part of appointment-based firms that sell the services people cannot buy from a store or online.

    With the features that provide a broad view of all business calls, the call management system is remarkably useful for all sorts of businesses. 

    Furthermore, it helps the firms analyze the insights of demographics and behavior of callers, which gives them an incredible advantage over their competitors. These call managing systems are usually voice over internet protocol or VoIP-based software, thus their characteristics vary.


    What is Call Management Software?

    A call management software routes call with telephone systems as per set parameters to help your business manage and control all incoming and outgoing calls. 

    In addition to IVR menus, hunt groups, and call queues, it helps you carry out call distribution using data, time, or location of a call. With various features, customer experience enhances and agents handle calls efficiently.

    Since call management software uses predefined parameters to routes calls, the rules used by software depend on the type of routing being used.

    A call management software may use a time-based routing in which calls are routed depending on when they come in. The calls received during office hours are directed to support staff or voicemail in a different time zone.

    Skills-based routing can also be used. In this routing, incoming calls are routed to the team agent competently fitted to help the customer calling. On the other hand, callers enquiring about particular products are directed to the team member with enough expertise in that product.

    With round-robin routing, calls are equally distributed among team members so all of them have an equal number of leads.

    As per need, these routing systems are often combined and used in tandem.

    How does it work?

    Effective call management solutions involve tracking, analysis, routing, and processing of calls.

    Tracking is the most important part of a call management process. Therefore, to efficiently track calls, a distinct phone number is generated for every facet of a business strategy.

    It includes each aspect of marketing campaigns– television commercials, radio stations, and digital ads- each would have a unique number for customers to call in. 

    As soon as customers call in, the number they call to is logged and compared against all other sources to learn about the most effective source.

    Also, the system records each caller’s name, number, location, and additional information to classify them according to demographic. The call audio is also recorded for staff members to listen to later on. This helps them analyze where a call got on wrong or right.

    This tracking system gives a lot of valuable insights like: 

    • Record of outgoing calls 
    • Customer tracking data
    • Real-time data recording
    • Ways to enhance customer experience 

    Features of the System

    A call management system has numerous features that can help a business to build an excellent communication system for its prospects. Here are some of the essential features:

    Call Tracking and Monitoring: 

    Customer care sector and telecom the primary user of call tracking and monitoring. Call tracking confirms that each agent is answering customer calls and following up promptly. It also helps to track ROI for a marketing campaign and check customer history as well.


    Reaching existing as well as potential customers is of the utmost significance. Remarketing helps firms notify customers about new products, optimal product features, and various other offers. These features also allow a business to reach out to its lost customers via text messages, Facebook, and advertisements, etc.

    Call Recording: 

    To enhance and control the quality of the calls, call recording is a must for all businesses. Moreover, it can be used to give feedback to each agent about their work and, similarly, the best ones can be used to demonstrate the expected way of interactions. It improves customer experience and provides employees enough motivation and improvement.


    IVR is an essential ingredient to boost businesses. With this feature, businesses especially call-centric business ensures all-time availability which is necessary for growth. Using an IVR, calls are routed to the agent’s phone number, which reduces the risk of missing calls after office hours.

    Real-Time Updates: 

    A call management system with notification features gives automatic reminders of the calls you have missed. Similarly, you can set personalized reminders to ensure instant follow-ups.

    Call Analytics:

    Integrating a call management system with CRM software helps you keep a record of customer data. The call analytics feature allows firms to have complete data about all incoming and outgoing calls.

    It lets you know the total number of calls, demographics of callers, peak hours, etc. As a result, businesses can optimize their calls efficiently.

    Live Call Transfer: 

    Customers are more satisfied when their issues are handled instantly. Live call transfer makes customer service efficient. With live call transfer, one agent can transfer the call to another without disconnecting the call. Therefore, customers do not have to wait and this makes them more content.

    Best Call Management Systems for 2023

    There are many caller solutions management systems out there. They offer the best features to streamline the communication process for businesses and improve the productivity of the call agents at the same time. Here we have some of the best call management systems for 2023:


    Exotel offers an automated call management system for businesses that can manage and track customer calls efficiently. It has an easy-to-use web interface to handle all your inbound and outbound calls.

    It increases the service level of a business since it does not require any manual intervention. Exotel helps you increase the productivity of your agents and encourage them to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

    In addition, call management gives you the benefit of tracking your business operations through automatic reports.

    Exotel streamlines your business communication to provide you details of all missed calls so you can revert to them at your convenience. 

    It helps you automatically track performance metrics such as the number of missed calls, average response time, and more. With features like automated call campaigns and auto-dialer, companies can eliminate repetitive manual tasks.

    Exotel’s cloud communication solutions integrates with any of the popular tools.

    Here’s what Exotel offers you:

    • Exotel has the best voice quality, reduced latency, and success rate.
    • Being ISO 27001:2013 certified, it is a highly secure information management system.
    • Exotel gives companies top-notch APIs to establish a reliable communication network.
    • Its customer support is available 24×7 via email, phone, and Twitter.
    • It is incredibly reliable with the finest class uptimes of 99.94%.
    • You can integrate it with ERP, HelpDesk, and CRM software as well as websites and apps to collect all of the customer information and enhance the leadership experience.
    • It is flexible, so businesses can expand it without concern about infrastructure.


    It is a cloud-based call management system that has provided more than 2,500 phone systems and call centers for sales and support teams of a business.

    Moreover, it helps businesses maintain a local presence with an international phone number and operate a virtual call management system from anywhere in the world.

    In addition, it provides a native integration option to integrate with the most prominent Helpdesks, CRMs, and other business tools like Hubspot, Zendesk, Pipedrive, and more. 

    Here’s what CloudTalk offers you:

    • Two-way sync solutions, access phone call information in your CRM or check the caller’s CRM details.
    • It offers advanced call system analytics, so your team can estimate and enhance communication with customers. 
    • With its real-time analytics, a business can live to see the performance of each agent.
    • No matter where your agents are, they can make and receive calls either from their browsers or mobile apps.
    • It has superior quality of calls. CloudTalk ensures that you do not have any issues connecting with your stakeholders worldwide. 
    • It has established a strong network of telco partners globally. Your business can make high-quality calls with unfailing latency.

    Based on more than 400 CloudTalk reviews, CloudTalk rates as the number one call system software. With the help of this system, many businesses have already streamlined their business communications.


    Aircall is among the best call management software system for customer-centric services. More than 8,500 companies trust it to transform customer experiences with this cloud-based, IT-approved, call managing solution, especially for their sales and support teams. 

    Here’s what Aircall offers you:

    • It has no hardware, so you can set it up in seconds. It is just a cloud-based call management solution to help you make calls from anywhere in the world.
    • Easily integrate Aircall with your HelpDesk solutions, CRM systems, and other necessary apps.
    • With this software, create new teams, numbers, and workforce as soon as any business requirements arise.
    • Get real-time data by monitoring individual or the entire team metrics to start making measurable modifications.
    • Businesses can get an advantage over their competitors by making the customer experience great. The IVR menus, live call monitoring, skill-based routing, and other features enhance the productivity of a company’s staff.
    • With this system, businesses often learn about their customer issues in advance by analyzing the existing data.
    • Aircall’s other features like real-time coaching, click-to-dial, and PowerDialer help a company to book more conferences and close more deals.

    Businesses can use the cloud-based phone system for the remote teams to keep them connected so that they work seamlessly from their homes or anywhere.  

    Aircall supports all devices and it offers a connection to many tools including all of the following ones.

    1. Salesforce
    2. Zendesk
    3. Shopify
    4. HubSpot
    5. Microsoft Dynamics
    6. Help Scout
    7. Intercom
    8. Zoho CRM
    9. Gorgias
    10. Zapier



    Nextiva is an easy-to-use call management system. It helps a business connect to more and more callers in a short time and with few agents. Nextiva offers companies the features like IVR, call queuing, and automated call routing. 

    It also helps companies optimize the performance of agents, get the help of virtual agents to automate the communication, and enhance the experience for the callers.

    With the help of Nextiva, a business can handle about 525 calls in the line. This operating system fuels the entire workflow to deliver the best services possible.

    Here are the advantages of using Nextiva:

    • Nextiva runs in the cloud and manages to answer as many incoming calls as you want. Call management agents can work from their homes or anywhere else.
    • Currently, Nextiva is available with a 20% of discount as well as free VoIP phones.
    • This platform is built for growth; it strengthens the foundation of your business communications.
    • Nextiva connects your customer experience with your team experience. It gives you a way to connect to your customers through any channel. You can streamline your presence in any communication channel your prospects like to use.
    • It gives you a chance to supercharge your business with CRM, analytics dashboard, insights, automation, and real-time sentiment.

    Learn from your business interactions and turn data into useful knowledge of trends, that paves the way toward growth. 

    Nextiva’s customer journey model lets everyone in your firm have access to real-time insights of your prospects. You can use those insights to automate essential business operations.

    With the knowledge of all data available, make each of your customers feel special by providing timely solutions to their issues. 

    Further, eliminating repetitive tasks and automating them gives your teams more time to focus on creating real value.


    Knowlarity, like all other best call management systems, is cloud-based. It streamlines your business communication process with powerful solutions. 

    With Knowlarity, a business can engage with its customers on the channels of their choice and offer a personalized journey. 

    Moreover, it has a robust tracking system to help you keep an eye on the performance of the business call center. It provides end-to-end monitoring to get valuable customer insights through an analytics dashboard.

    Here’s what features Knowlarity offers you:

    • Your business communication system can easily integrate with top CRM.
    • It’s a multi-channel platform, so your team can communicate with customers from any communication channel.
    • Knowlarity is a reliable and secure call management system that businesses can use securely.
    • It has no limitations over operations; your business can expand at ease with this smart technology platform.
    • It’s a customizable solution with quick on-cloud deployment.
    • Knowlarity teams are always available for all-time support to provide better assistance to businesses.
    • Knowlarity helps enhance caller experience via customized hold music, personalized regional greetings, and talent-based agent routing.
    • With this advanced call management system, save resources, cost, enhance team productivity, and drive the best customer engagement and experience. 

    Across 65 countries, more than 6,000 organizations trust Knowlarity which is a popular cloud communication provider. Moreover, it serves in emerging markets across numerous industrial verticals.

    With over 300 employees, Knowlarity has a globally recognized name offering businesses remarkable intelligence and reliability. Its smart platform, enables communication via video, voice, AI, and messaging.

    Benefits of a Call Management System

    Integrating a call management system into your business operations benefits you in multiple ways. Some of the benefits are:

    • Monitor and record call to track employees’ performance and ensure all operations are executed properly.
    • The system provides data about lost calls, which helps a company reduce the amount of missed calls.
    • Call routing connects callers with the most qualified agents to answer their queries. 
    • The agents can access the record of customer’s earlier interactions and information about what they need to deliver the best customer experience.


    In this digital world, communication is not made through telephones only but most customers expect the businesses to communicate to them across a wide range of digital channels such as SMS, messaging, email, live chat, social media, and more. 

    Therefore, the best call management systems intelligently route calls straight to the right agents, provide distinct features, and enable management to successfully execute an omnichannel strategy.

    Hence, it is important for businesses to equip themselves with a call management system that can handle all kinds of operations including communication with clients and prospects.

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