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5 Reasons You Need to Change Your ERP Today!

5 Reasons You Need to Change Your ERP Today!
03 Aug 2018

It takes an external point of view or a business operational crisis to drive the organization to change. A good business, however, pose a timely implementation of new ERP system in order to seamlessly run the operations for higher growth.

It seems very overwhelming, as well as daunting to replace or upgrade to the new ERP software solution in the organization and generally seems to be a tedious process. But, it is mandatory for all the organizations to realize how important the ERP upgrade is for the businesses to grow exponentially.

In this blog, you will learn five reasons spelling out why you should choose and implement a newer ERP system now instead of later! Have read below:

Lack Of Vendor Support

There is an expiry set to every product that eventually grows obsolete with the passage of time, and same is the case with any software present today. Similarly, ERP systems are becoming more and more powerful with rapid and robust advances in technology that ultimately makes it hard to keep up the older versions. Since the developers focus more on improvements, therefore they cannot always extend their support for older systems.

A good business must be prepared for the next steps as soon as the support end dates are near. Without vendor support, bugs, fixes, patches and other updates become inaccessible, and so do numerous opportunities to grow and keep up with your competitors and rivals.

In such cases, you only have two options to choose from. Either you avoid investing in the necessary resources and time for the implementation of a new solution, whilst risking it to become obsolete OR you choose to embrace a new digital identity that secure your ventures in the long run.  The latter is of course the one you should opt for to run your business smoothly in the future.

Low Levels Of Integration

As you know, running any type of operation is a complicated and sensitive matter as well as a tedious task, since there are a number of business elements that are dependent on each other and are tremendously involved. Your business is bound to rely on integrated software solutions in order to run business operations smoothly and stay as adept as possible, alongside effectively monitoring the business processes.

One of the substantial apprehensions regarding an aging ERP systems is the fact they are not well synced with the current technologies as they weren’t built with many of today’s technologies in mind.

There are infinite gains of upgrading your business software like, machine learning and communication, IoT, advanced analytics tools, infrastructure and cloud-based platform, automated tasks and self-regulated upgrades, etc. Integration, however, is one of the most essential one amongst all. One brilliant solution that covers and connects all of these functionalities is Microsoft Dynamics 365. You must give a read about why it is such a versatile and an incredible system to switch to, read here.

Issues With Mobility

As per the recent study, people over 2.5 billion are now using smartphones globally, therefore it wouldn’t be wrong to say that there is a significant shift in device landscape of the business world. These mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones are clearly more than just entertainment, they are increasingly becoming much more important to businesses than anything else present today.

Given the fast-paced nature of business processes, getting information instantly or being able to execute the operations with the help of a portable device is proving to be an enormous benefit for many businesses across industries, worldwide. ERP systems that are not meant or optimized for mobile automation and efficiency are definitely missing out on a lot of business opportunities and hence profits.

Issues With Compliance

As the time changes, so do numerous rules and regulations, laws and prerequisites for organizations in various industries. Let’s take a recent example, with the launch of GDPR, organizations having obsolete or traditional ERP framework must have caused a lot of trouble for the users while ensuring regulatory compliance, especially to those without the vendor support.

Therefore, you must realize the risks of having older version of business software that can potentially cause substantial fines, incompliances, etc. thus restraining growth and development, as well as getting trapped in to a series of bad business decisions.

One of the best ways, which can incredibly lessen that risk of non-compliance, is switching and upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics 365, a cloud-based system, as it keeps you up-to-date on literally everything you must to know beforehand to run your business operations efficiently. You can learn more about compliance through cloud based system here.

Higher Maintenance Cost

Let’s be honest, maintenance cost is unavoidable. When you invest innumerable energy and money upgrading your traditional ERP framework, there will be no doubt that another upgrade would be just round the corner. Your organization is stuck in ‘modification jail’ and experiences downtime and unhappy clients, neither of which looks good for the long term achievement of your business. Therefore, it is essential that you upgrade to a latest ERP solution at the right time to avoid spending countless time and dollars.

Currently, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the best ERP solution that offers brilliant functionalities for your business to have seamless and smooth operations.

In a nutshell, you cannot the ignore the fact that yes, upgrading to a newer ERP solution seems to be exasperating and tiresome but future-proofing business operations is something each and every organization wish to achieve. In the event that you’ve seen one of these five indications of an obsolete ERP framework keeping you from running tasks viably, it might be an ideal opportunity to consider switching to Microsoft Dynamics 365. And that’s it! I hope this blog helps you in understanding why you must upgrade to the latest and viable ERP system now.

Please feel free to comment or reach out if you have any questions. In case you need any help with installation, integration, upgradation and customization of your Dynamics ERP system, please get in touch with us.


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