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How to Creating Sales Order in Dynamics AX 2012 Through X++

How to Creating Sales Order in Dynamics AX 2012 Through X++
08 May 2015

Creating Sales Order in Dynamics AX 2012 Through X++

Hi guys, in this post I’m going to show you how to create a sales order in Dynamics AX 2012 through X++. This is very common activity that you’ll come across if you’re working on the AX Sales and Marketing module so you should know how to go about it. Let’s take a look.

So I’m going to create a sales order by running a job (below), but you can also create a class to create sales orders, if you want to use it in multiple places. Here’s the code you can use to create a sales order in Dynamics AX 2012 through X++.

static void CreateSalesOrder(Args _args)


//declaring variables

SalesTable salesTable;

SalesLine salesLine;

NumberSeq numberSeq;

SalesFormLetter salesFormLetter;;


//creating sales order header

//getting sales order id from number sequence

numberSeq = NumberSeq::newGetNum(SalesParameters::numRefSalesId());


salesTable.SalesId = numberSeq.num();


salesTable.CustAccount = ‘US-001’;



if (!salesTable.validateWrite()) {

throw Exception::Error;



//creating sales order line

salesLine.SalesId = salesTable.SalesId;

salesLine.ItemId = ‘D0001’;

salesLine.SalesQty = 2;

salesLine.LinePercent = 1;

salesLine.createLine(true, // Validate

true, // initFromSalesTable

true, // initFromInventTable

true, // calcInventQty

true, // searchMarkup

true  // searchPrice



//confirm sales order

salesFormLetter = SalesFormLetter::construct(DocumentStatus::Confirmation);


//displaying sales order id



And that’s it.

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