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X++ tips and tricks: Passing parameters in Microsoft Dynamics AX

23 Feb 2014

Args is your companion in the world of X++ especially when passing parameters in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Args is an abbreviation for arguments. It allows you to pass information from one object to another newly created object. I utilize it frequently to pass the objects, records, strings, etc that I need to have in scope while accessing the object from another object. It’s very easy to utilize the Args class to get the desired result you’re looking for.

The following example demonstrates how to create an instance of the Args class:

Declaration of Args

Setting record is Args

select custTable where custTable.AccountNum == ‘XXXX’


Some important methods of Args class


Get or sets the instance of the object that created this instance of the Args class.


Gets and sets the name of the application object to call.


Gets or sets a string that specifies miscellaneous information for the called object.


Gets or sets the enumeration value of the enumeration type that is specified in the parmEnumType method.


Gets or sets the ID value of any enumeration type.


Gets or sets an instance of any object to pass, to the called object.


Gets and sets the record from the table on which the caller object is working.


Sample Code  For Setting Value in Args

Create an instance of the Args and custom class.

Set the parameter which you want to pass. If you just want to pass a simple string you can do it like this

If you want to pass an enum value you can do so via following code.

If you want to pass table buffer  in parameter

If we want pass a more complex set of parameters, you can develop your own class just for passing those parameters.

If you to pass records from a table, use following code.

select custTable where custTable.AccountNum == ‘XXXX’


Sample Code  For Getting  Value From Args

Create an instance of the Args class and your custom class.

Check that the passed arguments are not null

Get string value

Check parmEnum is not null and then get enum parameter

Check parmEnum is not null and then get object

Check that the table buffer is not null and then get record.

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