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DynAX App Deployment at an Innovative Health Services Company from Qatar


HyGreen® brings world-class infection control, healthcare, prevention and eco-friendly industrial solutions to consumers in Qatar. The company focuses on serving the community by ensuring cleaner and safer living and working conditions for all, while also protecting the environment.

HyGreen® is an exclusive distributor of many globally renowned brands, offering their customers a wide range of best-in-class products and services. Their mission is to bring groundbreaking solutions for a better standard of living, from around the world, to Qatar. HyGreen® has always invested heavily in quality people, equipment and technology.


Over the last year the company had been looking to expand it mobile technologies to help their employees coordinate more effectively, work more productively and deliver high-quality services. While most processes had some automation, their leadership recognized that existing technology for the Sales & Marketing team needed a modern refresh to reach and access information as they move around in the business world and handle expected growth in the years to come.

The company realized that they had to introduce a mobile initiative and truly embrace the concept of a mobile workstation. For this, they were searching for a reliable and tenured development partner who could help customize the mobile solution according their specific business needs. Customization and complex workflows were a critical part of their operational business and IT requirements to help streamline their complex product portfolio processes.


Folio3 Software Inc. provided HyGreen with out-of-the-box fully customizable mobile solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX. As a result of this partnership, users at HyGreen® were able to:

  • Access and edit all data related to Customers, Contacts, Prospects, Leads & Opportunities (incl. related emails, directions and contact details)
  • View and update recent Sales Orders, Activities, Tasks, Contacts & Opportunities associated with any customer account
  • View and update customer specific Sales Order listings & Sales Order lines
  • Add tasks, to-dos and notes to Leads, Accounts, Contacts & Opportunities.

With more flexibility and mobility, HyGreen® employees at every level can perform their jobs better, easier, and faster. They can use the app like they used their desktop and laptop PCs, and they have the convenience and flexibility of single mobile device.


Some major technologies used in the solution development process included:

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • .NET