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    When it comes to farming practices like tilling, sowing, spraying or harvesting, etc, precision matters A LOT. Evenly spaced rows in your fields don’t just satisfy you and make you proud, they maximize your farm’s potential and the yield of your farm depends on it.

    But sometimes attaining constant precision hectare after hectare is hard and stressful especially when you are manually driving your equipment. You can’t achieve perfection in your field if you’re manually driving your tractor or any other equipment. 

    Running for long days or into the night, and that too, under challenging weather conditions, it becomes a really difficult task to make your fields perfectly aligned. You may get a few skipped or overlapping rows which increase costs and decrease yields and productivity. You will have to spend days and maybe nights as well in the field to get the level of precision that you wish.

    Guidance Displays and Steering Solutions

    Whether you own a small farm or a large complex operation, guidance displays and steering solutions can be of great help to you. It provides precision in agriculture and you can use your displays to have an idea about the field or in simple words, to map your fields in real time. 

    You can drive your equipment with automated steering solutions and this gives you a highly accurate field map to efficiently control your implements when used with Microsoft Dynamics. 

    Using this advanced and precise software, you get a powerful and effective way to organize and govern your farm from the office to the field. When it comes to running your equipment, guidance displays and steering solutions ensure that your equipment runs smooth on the field and that your passes are as perfect as possible. This not only makes your field look good but also increases the yield and thus your profits multiply. 

    The Guidance displays and steering solutions automate the driving so that you can extend your work hours and focus on field operations more all while improving accuracy and boosting ROI. So instead of working so hard on a field all day long, you can choose guidance displays and steering solutions to generate good productivity out of your fields. 

    This advanced technology includes terrain compensation so you can stay on paths and you avoid skips and overlaps no matter what kind of field you are working on. This type of farming practice not only requires more time and effort but also isn’t cost effective.

    Guidance displays and steering solutions are only the beginner. You can get a variety of such services offered at Folio3 Microsoft Dynamics to maximize your productivity and minimize your losses,


    Benefits of Guidance Displays and Steering Solutions

    As mentioned above, Guidance displays and steering solutions have benefitted and revolutionized agriculture and farming practices, a few of them are mentioned below:

    • Using guidance displays and steering solutions, you can reduce your workload and fatigue while extending your working hours. You no longer need to spend hours and hours on the field trying to ensure that there is not skipping or overlapping in the fields. All you need is a guidance steering system for you to map out the field and automate your tractor or any other equipment to do their work. 
    • The automated equipment effectively ameliorates gaps and overlaps and by doing so it can increase input costs and reduce yield potential.
    • You can now deliver and feed fertilizer directly to the seed trench more accurately, all thanks to the guidance displays and steering solutions and its advanced farming method. 
    • You can also put in any color for your equipment and easily move between vehicles.
    • You can choose the required level of accuracy and it depends upon you — even to sub-inch. 


    Why choose guidance displays and steering solutions?

    The guidance displays and steering solution helps to steer the operator in the area and this advanced system can be used in the farm instead of row and foam markers. A typical system can cost you around $2600 to $5000 but this investment can prove to be highly beneficial for your farm because it pays off very well in the long run. 

    These auto-steering guidance systems have the capacity to navigate a device or equipment across the area. At the end of the field, the driver just has to steer the machine to the next pass and that’s it. The auto-steering system will steer itself from here and you won’t have to worry at all. 

    How to select a guidance display and steering solution? 

    There are a few things that need to be paid attention to before you select a guidance system for your farming:  

    What actions will be performed with the guidance system? 

    This guidance and steering system  will help you in most of the agricultural operations. The exception is the process of planting. 

    Where will the guidance steering system be mounted? 

    If the guidance steering system is to be scaled on the hood, then it should either be metal or have some type of magnetic mount available. The mount of the guidance display system may be a factor in which system suits the operation. 

    Features on the guidance display will assist the driver in keeping up on the desired line of travel such as heading error.

    These features will help the driver determine the amount of correction needed for turning and staying on desired line of travel.


    Technology has been making advancements every now and then and to keep pace with such technological advancements, one needs to incorporate the technology and use it for his/her own benefit. Likewise, farmers need to educate themselves with such technological advancements as well. Whether it is tilling or harvesting, you need accuracy at every step of farming. And guidance displays and steering solutions have made it easier for farmers and agriculturists to achieve this accuracy in their fields. This system not only made the fields look eye-appealing but also increased the yield tenfold and cut down the losses as well.