Agriculture Industry Sustaining Through the Challenges of COVID-19

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AgriERP – A Solution for your Agriculture Business

The world is witnessing one of the largest global pandemic in its history. The COVID-19 also known as Coronavirus pandemic has affected millions while claiming the lives of around 300,000 worldwide. The outbreak was first identified in Wuhan, China in December 2019 and till date it has affected around 213 countries and territories. This pandemic has caused major socio-economic disruptions and probably one of the largest global recession since the Great Depression. As those interruptions are observed worldwide, not even a single country or territory has escaped this economic downturn.

COVID-19: A Tragedy for UK Agricultural Sector

With COVID-19, a global pandemic it has seriously infected the economy of the United Kingdom and especially the agricultural and food sector experiencing a hard-hit. This agricultural industry constitutes producers, farmers, suppliers and distributors, struggling in these difficult times to meet both ends. Moreover, owing to nation-wide shutdowns, it led to panic buying that exerts the ultimate pressures on the agricultural industry. Further, this panic buying leads to enormous stock-pilling leaving behind empty shelves in the stores. With the detrimental effect in this agriculture industry, it has equally impacted the costs of suppliers and producers in terms of more transportation costs and purchasing of PPE for their staff’s well-being and to meet the standards of social distancing, as well as increase of 6% to minimum wage.

COVID – 19: Agricultural Industry Making Ends Meet with Insufficient Budget

This COVID era has modified the operational dynamics of workplaces globally. With the notion of social distancing to break the chain of infection and at the same time to ensure the well-being of their workers, producers of the industry have to purchase safety kits. In the United Kingdom, the purchase of PPE equipment, sanitizers, disinfectant wipes result in significant overhead costs with 30% reduced processing time due to social distancing. Besides this overheads, and in order to cope up with the increasing demand and additional costs wholesalers make no money. Eventually, by the time it gets to the Supermarkets they will only pay what was agreed as a contract price.

Streamline Your Business Processes with AGRI-ERP

COVID -19 has caused immense turbulence in the agriculture business and to deal with the growing demands and increased expenses due to healthcare emergencies, it has become a real challenge. With our AGRI-ERP World’s leading ERP Agriculture software you can entirely transform and automate business processes, and effectively manage your time and resources. Our Dynamics AGRI-ERP software helps farmers while leveraging technology to manage farm, distributors, crop and Agri-business. As Coronavirus leads to your budget running insufficient our agriculture technology solution with an integrated business process allows you to restructure your operational activities through cost effectiveness and using industry best practices.

Since this global COVID – 19 crisis gives rise to panic buying and it increases the demand in terms of workforce, and due to limited manpower it is difficult to manage tasks and workflow manually. Microsoft Dynamics effectively automates task and workflow management activities via parameters defined by you.

Whilst you are working in an office or get access to data from far-off remotely, using our real time data access feature offers to retrieve data regardless of time and location. While you provide different data inputs, mobile applications generate analytical financial data and employee performance reports.

Other features of AGRI-ERP includes; Handheld and Mobile Device Integration, Business Performance Analytics, Geographic Information System (GIS), Featured Modules and Applications and Crop Management. These features facilitate businesses to have access to various tailor-made reports with multiple dashboards as per the need, can track all the properties and monitor their operations as per the SOP’s due to COVID – 19. Moreover, with contemporary challenges it is of vital importance to track all the operations in your administrative unit from post-harvest processing till distribution and closely monitoring payroll, MIS, logistics reports. Microsoft dynamics multipurpose software offers all these features packed in one software.

Since, Folio3 is a Gold Partner with Microsoft for ERP Implementation and also a Cloud Solution Provider as well. Folio3 Dynamics follows the agile processes to work for your businesses in a short-span. In this era of crisis, we stringently follow our Agriculture ERP Software Delivery Model to facilitate our customers on time so they can address the ever-increasing demand. We have always delivered exceptional solutions and help you deliver innovation with exemplary designs and development experience at your service.

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