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Dynamics Customer Stories

Stafast Products, Inc.

AX Mobility for leading T-Nuts, lock nuts and propell nuts manufacturer and wholesaler.

The Customer

Founded in the year 1958, Stafast specializes in manufacturing a unique, high retention, tapered barrel T-Nut. Stafast is able to address not only fastener needs but also the needs for increased productivity.

The Problem

Stafast required AX CRM Mobility solution in the form of APK distribution file which can be installed on Apple and Android devices of Stafast’s field sales staff.

Folio3 Solution

Folio3 provided Stafast with it’s out of the box functionality of AX CRM Mobility app DynAX and its modules. In addition to this, Stafast also required customizations in their mobility solutions. Some of these customizations include:

  • Attachment feature with Sales Quotation and Prospects entities in DynAX app.
  • Display list of multiple attachments (file and note types).
  • User will be able to read and modify “Note (i.e. text content)” of Notes type attachment and will also be able to “view only” image/word, excel, pdf docs (file type) attachment.
  • User will be able to add attachment of type NOTE only (i.e. only input text content only) and will not allow any file attachment.
  • User will be able to modify only the “Note (i.e. text content)” of Note and File type’s attachment (if any)”.
  • Sales Quote -> As Separate Menu Item, List/Add/Edit, Filter & Sort and List Two additional Custom Fields.
  • Sales Quote -> Note Attachment -> Select recipient list from HR Module of AX and Send “Note attachment Text” as Email using default email app of device.
  • Prospect Screen -> Filter and list two additional custom fields

Technologies Used

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • .NET
  • Android and iOS Platforms