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Timesheet App Upgrade
for one of the Largest Real Estate Service Provider.


Savills Timesheet App Upgrade and Improvements by Folio3 Enables App Users to Have a More Streamlined and Enjoyable Experience, Considerably Boosting Productivity

Savills approached Folio3 as they were were looking to make their Timesheet app a more enjoyable and easy experience for users. Folio3 delivered by making it user friendly, streamlining the kinks, and troubleshooting the errors they had been facing.


Savills PLC is a global provider of real estate related issues in a variety of fields. When Savills found itself having trouble with the user-friendliness and functionality of its existing Timesheet app, it came to Folio3. Experts at Folio3 analyzed the problems the app had and resolved them by identifying the defects & missing features, troubleshooting the errors and making well-suited improvements.


Offering a wide array of specialist advisory, transactional services, as well as management expertise all over the world, Savills PLC. is an international provider of real estate services. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange and flaunts a global network consisting of over 600 offices, with associates spread across the USA, UK, Europe, Asia and Africa.


Savills found itself facing various issues with their Timesheet App for iOS, as it had very limited functionality. While the software was lacking basic attributes that Timesheets need, Savills further needed additional features to handle their nature of work. As Savills was in dire need of a fix, Folio3 took Savills latest code drop and provided solution for the problems that had been identified.


Folio3 saw that the app had been developed as a native iOS application which had Dynamics CRM at its backend. Using the code that was already in place together with the backend, Folio3 implemented the missing items and fix what was not working for Savills. Our experts worked hard to identify defects and provide solutions that not only fixed Savills problems, but improved their overall performance. Some of the improvements include:

  • Enabled service lines associated with a particular instruction so that they can be downloaded from central Timesheets to the Timesheets app.
  • Time entry issues were resolved enabling users to view synchronized time even when they are offline without duplication, as well as fixing error messages due to technical faults. The app was also updated to lists more recent instructions in order.
  • The app now prompts to add more hours when the 40 hour minimum limit is not met.
  • The incident of app crashes was eliminated completely, whereas previously it crashed randomly, this was done by handling errors appropriately.
  • User Interface changes were made such as the overall usage of overlays in the app was optimized.


With the increased streamlining and efficiency provided by Folio3, Savills has been able to improve their Timesheet app considerably. The difficulty in entering, maintaining, and synchronizing Timesheets was becoming a burden on the users. By making the app run smoothly through a friendlier interface, reduced unexpected crashes, and considerably bettering the synchronization ability of the app, Savills is able to provide users an easier and more enjoyable experience. This increased productivity led it to giving several other of its projects in the trusted hands of Folio3.