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Your Guide to Hiring Worker to Salary Generation in Dynamics AX 2012

Your Guide to Hiring Worker to Salary Generation in Dynamics AX 2012
31 May 2017

In this blog I will cover how to hire new worker and generate pay statement. We have to work on two Dynamics AX modules Human Resource and Payroll. It involves following steps.

  • Create Position
  • Hire worker
  • Generate Earning Statement
  • Release Earning Statement

Create Position in Dynamics AX 2012

Go to Human Resources -> Common -> Organization -> Positions -> Positions.

magento paypal


2. Click on Position -> Create Position.
3. Select Personnel Action Type.
4. Click continue.


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New form will be opened to populate following mandatory fields.

In general tab

  • Job
  • Department
  • Position type

In Position Duration tab

  • Activation

In Payroll tab

  • Pay Cycle
  • Paid by
  • Annual Regular Hours
  • Check generate salary
  • Default earning code
  • Schedule

Click on complete to create position.

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  1. New positon will be created and message will displayed.

Create Worker in Dynamics AX 2012

  1. Go to Human Resources -> Common -> Workers -> Workers.


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2.Click on hire new worker

3.Populate fields in form.
i.First Name
ii.Personnel Number
iii.Worker Type
iv.Employment start date
v.Check assign position
vii.Personnel Action Type

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4.Click continue.

5.Populate fields in worker action form. We are setting worker basic salary in this step. In compensation tab
i.Fixed compensation
iii.Pay rate
iv.Effective date
v.Expiration date

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6.Click on continue button, worker will be created.
7.Select newly created worked from list.
8.Go to payroll tab and select worker tax region.
9.Assign tax region.

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10.Go to payroll tab and Default tax region. Assign tax region to position.

Generate Earning Statement for Worker in Dynamics AX 2012

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1.Go to Human Resources -> Common -> Workers -> Workers.
2.Select worker
3.Go to Payroll tab and click on Generate Earning Statement.

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4.Select Pay Cycle and Pay Period

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5.Click OK.
6.Earning statement will be crated for worker.

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Generate Pay Statement for Worker in Dynamics AX 2012

1.Go to Payroll -> Common -> Earning Statements -> Earning Statements
2.Find work earning statement and open it.
3.If everything is fine then release earning statement.

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4.After releasing earning statement click on Pay Statement to generate pay statement.

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5.To verify Pay Statement go to Payroll -> Pay Statements -> All Pay Statements


Raza Rabbani

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