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Apart from Folio3’s proprietary Business Intelligence suite for Dynamics AX 2009 and 2012, we also have expertise with both Microsoft PowerBI and ZapBI, and help companies develop insightful and powerful analysis through visualized data sets to enable them to make better and
faster decisions.


Microsoft Power BI

is the brand name for a portfolio of cloud-based business intelligence and analytics tools, in order to help clients analyze data and provide insights through rich, visual content from one central solution.


ZAP Business Intelligence Apps

for Microsoft Dynamics AX are powerful, pre-built solutions that enable organizations to implement and integrate rapidly, with reduced risk, and at a fraction of the cost required to build traditional BI solutions.


Over the last few years, many companies have invested heavily in Dynamics AX Business Intelligence softwares to help them gain a better understanding of key business and sales metrics, and to predict future performance.

The sector continues to grow as companies are eager to make the most of limited resources with a business intelligence solution that can help them be more efficient, spot areas ripe for cost savings and identify new business opportunities.

The potential of Dynamics AX BI benefits starts with the collaborative working atmosphere it facilitates within a team and between teams. Here’s how Dynamics AX Business Intelligence can help your business:


Eliminates Waste

AX Business intelligence systems can pinpoint areas of waste that might have gone previously unnoticed in most companies – more unnoticed waste means less productivity and a direct impact on profitability.


Access to Key Metric Points

Whether you are in the office or on the go, you can get quick and easy access to metrics reports for your company. This allows you to be informed and make quick decisions based on accurate data that is impacting your business.


Improved Sales Information

Get up to date reports on market trends, product development, manufacturing, customer preferences and more. Having that information at your fingertips, allows your sales team to work more efficiently and productively – positively impacting your bottom line.


Better Inventory Management

Dynamics AX Business Intelligence software allows real-time insight into inventory levels and ensures that customers get their products when they need them. Essentially, this lets you eliminate wasted inventory expenses and helps your improve your business.


Central Alignment

Comprehensive Business Intelligence systems like ours help your company become more aligned and execute work while being on the same page. With all data being up to date, senior management can feel confident knowing that employees won’t be working on outdated business information.


Identifies Potential Opportunities

Business Intelligence tools helps organizations identify potential clients, this has a direct impact on profitability. The software helps companies assess their own capabilities and strengths to compare them with potential high-level clients, this approach is proactive and lets companies realize where their strengths are.


Reduced Labor Costs

Employee training and development costs are greatly reduced by Business Intelligence tools as data collection and report generation is automated. Also, companies get a sense of how well they are performing with a certain number of employees and how many more are needed to reach goals.


Quick & Easy Consolidation of Data

Lastly, BI tools provide an automated data system – this lets you consolidate date from multiple servers and data sources. Saving valuable time consolidating data allows senior management to spend more time to improve the company and have a greater impact on bottom line – this eventually translates into a more successful company.

  • Folio3 impressed me by learning a BI tool they did not have prior experience with and in a short amount of time produced analysis reports ready for business consumption. We are excited on the next set of critical reports Folio3 is working on for us and expect the relationship to continue for the foreseeable future.

    William Cheung | VP, Information Technology Growers Express


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