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Building Performance Centric Dynamics AX & Dynamics 365 Timesheet Apps

Give your Team the Power of Mobility with Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 Timesheet App

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Open Infinite Possibilities For Business Expansion

The surge of mobile workforce has led to mobility becoming extensively important for professional organizations and service providers around the world. Companies now rapidly require systems that process operational and transactional data including client inventory and financial information through mobile devices as opposed to the traditional desktop computer as ERP solutions that provide instant mobile functionalities become critical for survival in today’s mobile world. This is where Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 Timesheet App comes into play.

Organizations around the world are now turning to Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 timesheets app for providing ease of access and functionality to their employees through smartphones. Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 timesheet apps encourage higher user adoption by offering easy creation and timesheets management in conjunction with AX 2012 and Dynamics 365, enabling smartphone and tablet users to enter timesheets directly from their mobile device from anywhere and at any time at all.

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Manage Productivity On-the-Go with Dynamics AX & Dynamics 365 Timesheet App

Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 Timesheet App is a cross platform app that allows you to manage and create timesheets for Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 platforms. It allows users to post manual feedback about project activities while combining time and attendance with hourly transactions in an immersive interface. The app runs on all Windows, Android and iOS devices, allowing organizations to leverage the robust enterprise resource planning solution of Dynamics ERP. From entering hourly activities to filing expense reports on the go, Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 timesheets app is helping companies save time and cost with enhanced timesheet functionalities which allows you to:

  • View a list of timesheets
  • Create a new timesheet
  • Add or modify timesheet entries
  • Submit timesheets for approval

Simplify Administrative Processes with Dynamics AX & Dynamics 365 Timesheets App

At Folio3, our talented team of experts will design, develop and deploy customized Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 timesheets app to help reduce your administrative tasks and by assisting your employees to rapidly increase their productivity on the go. We have partnered with hundreds of organizations for providing easy-to-use project time tracking solutions like Timesheet and Employee Expense Management (TEEM) alongside the Dynamics Timesheet Apps. Having proudly embraced the simplified and highly-secure app processes through the Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 ERP, our clients report overall business efficiency and improved productivity throughout their organizations.

Now your organization can also augment working capital through reduced billing and capture time spent with Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 timesheet apps that have been specifically tailored to provide a rich, secure and touch-enabled user experience.

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