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Microsoft Warehouse Management
Gain Real-Time Visibility and End-to-End Tracking with Dynamics AX

Seamless enterprise solution that utilizes the most cutting edge supply chain technology

Microsoft Dynamics warehouse management offers end-to-end visibility and tracking with high level precision which has never before been so seamless and hassle free. It offers the much-needed flexibility and control to optimize warehouse processes. The best part is that because the warehouse management system is embedded directly into the most powerful ERP systems of Microsoft Dynamics AX, it requires no additional software or add-ons. The efficient monitoring and automation of your warehouse processes with Microsoft dynamics warehouse management will drastically boost your inventory insights, improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

Microsoft dynamics warehouse management integration will also help log all activities, giving you access to detailed historical data and complete visibility of all your warehouse activities with proactive control of critical business KPIs in real time. A Dynamics AX warehouse management integration will ensure that information between your systems is synchronized in real time and all your excessive labor cost including material handling, workload balancing and cross docking is completely eliminated.

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Revolutionary Microsoft Warehouse Management Systems with Dynamics AX

Dynamics AX warehouse management will allow you to easily integrate all your dock and yard management, labor, returns and quality management systems for seamless business processes and inventory management. The flexible and purpose-built functionality of Microsoft Dynamics warehouse management is incorporated with state-of-the-art inventory control using quality management, backorder management, advanced allocation and product slotting algorithms. Its advanced order fulfillment systems ensure order sourcing, cluster picking and material handling which accelerates facility utilization, inventory turns, fill rates and cycle times. Dynamics AX warehouse management offers you:

  • Improved accuracy of placement & storage
  • RFID and barcoding capabilities with pallet & location labels
  • Inventory dimensions, serial and batch number control
  • Advanced dock management, cross docking & load planning
  • Random location storage & simplified item registration
  • Non-standard packing & storage dimensions
  • Container item nesting & system directed cluster picking
  • Dynamic load building & wave planning metrics
  • Quality management integration & retail flow through support

Intuitive Microsoft Warehouse Management Solutions by Folio3

At Folio3, we create more than just conventional development solutions for companies. Our expert development team will engineer precision into your workflow with Microsoft warehouse management so you can run your business operations with capacity planning, dock management, dynamic load building, cross docking, and a seamless flow-through operational support. We have successfully built and integrated countless dynamics AX solutions for companies located around the globe. Our Dynamics AX warehouse management integration solutions are enabling firms across a wide range of industries to manage their warehouse activities as part of their connected business network, instead of keeping their management processes in isolation. With dynamics AX, we have been making the development of the best operations support ecosystem possible for customers, suppliers and trading partners of all our clients.

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Client Stories

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    AX Customization, Integration and Suite of Mobile
    Solutions for a Leading California-based Agriculture Company

  • Agri Beef

    Magento AX Integration for a Large Cattle Meat
    Producer in the US

  • L&M Companies

    L&M Companies Change Order App for a leading fresh fruits and vegetables supplier

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