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Honda R&D Europe (UK) Ltd

Fully Customized Mobile Solution for Leading Automobile Manufacturer

The Customer

Honda is a multinational corporation that focuses on creating safer and smarter mobility options for its worldwide customer base. Based in Swindon, Honda R&D (UK) Ltd. was founded in 1985 and operates as a subsidiary of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Honda R&D UK engages in research and development with a specific focus on developing, testing and benchmarking automobiles and related products.

The Problem

Honda R&D Europe (UK) Ltd wanted a fully customized mobile solution that provided approval capabilities for all workflow types including purchase orders, purchase requisitions and financial approvals. The client required a highly reliable and customized AX Workflow Approval solution that would be tailored for the specific needs of their employees.

The Folio3 Solution

The company was looking for a reliable technology partner who would provide them with high quality workflow development solutions alongside extensive expertise in building similar applications. Honda R&D (UK) Ltd. chose Folio3 as its development partner due to their extensive expertise in developing AX Workflow approval apps and reputation in delivering high quality mobile solutions.

After analyzing the client’s requirements, Folio3 assigned a dedicated development team to the Honda R&D UK project, comprising of full time development experts and Quality Assurance engineers.

The expert development team at Folio3 worked closely with the designated IT engineer from Honda R&D (UK) Ltd. to create an innovative and highly customized solution for the client. The Folio3 team also ensured that constant communication was maintained between the development team and client at every stage of the project, from initiation till deployment.

The expert team of Folio3 worked tirelessly to engineer a customized AX Workflow Approvals app that was compatible with AX 2012 for Honda R&D Europe (UK) Ltd. They focused on delivering an iOS App build in the form of IPA distribution file to the client which offered them the ease of installation on iOS devices of their employees.

After weeks of hard work, the expert development team of Folio3 was able to build and deliver a customized mobile solution that allowed existing Honda R&D UK users to access and manage Dynamics AX workflow approval requests anytime and anywhere from their mobile devices.

This allowed them to accept or reject individual approval requests with a single tap, view information pertaining to each request, take appropriate action and get instant alerts about pending workflow approval requests, comments or questions from the originator via PUSH notification.

The Workflow Approvals app for Honda R&D (UK) has been developed to cater to the needs of different workflows simultaneously. It allows users to see all their approved and rerouted approval requests including recent actions that they have taken, complete history of any approval request including its details, prior actions taken, due dates, comments and questions.

Folio3’s expert development team was able to successfully deliver the project to Honda in 7 weeks. The developed AX Workflow Approval app has been specifically designed to enhance the client’s business operations by extending consistent processing and centralized work list through a rich touch-enabled user experience.

Technologies Used

The mobile app solution for Honda R&D (UK) Ltd. is built on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 workflow system.


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