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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration Services


Enhance your customer relationships by putting the right tools and information in the hands of your organization’s sales, marketing and service teams with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Using the Dynamics CRM your service and sales teams will have timely access to actionable information in order to effectively deal with customer complaints and potential sales opportunities (by being able to access case details, customer service/sales history and knowledge base functions); leading to higher revenues and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

At Folio3, we offer industry-specific and task-specific software frameworks and tools that help organizations rapidly integrate the Microsoft Dynamics CRM into their existing applications and IT infrastructure. The frameworks target specific industry requirements.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM support and service features can be personalized and implemented from a cloud based database or from an on-premise installation, just like other Microsoft Dynamics functions. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a number of features including:

Service Management Module

View, add, edit and track the communication thread related to any service issue.

Automated Case Handling

With the Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s service automation feature, your service teams can rapidly respond to customer queries and complaints, prioritize sales/service issues and adhere to SLAs (Service Level Agreements).

Email Automation

With automated e-mail notifications, the Dynamics CRM enhances and streamlines your customer communication, helping you provide high quality customer service and service delivery.

Service Dashboards

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s service dashboards display real-time reports and analytics, helping you make better, more informed decision regarding product development, operational changes and training. These dashboards can also be customized to provide specific information sales/service closure %, KPIs met, etc.

Email Tracking

Microsoft Dynamics CRM also provides email tracking via MS Outlook, ensuring that all emails sent & received, maintaining complete communication history.

Contract Management

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM also provides contract renewal handling and service agreement management whereby, all contract/agreement details are updated in the CRM.

Service Scheduling

Easily allocate service personnel to cases and manage service appointments.

Knowledge Base

Store important documents, articles, FAQ’s and case resolution details in the Dynamics CRM’s knowledge base, enabling staff to rapidly find answers and reduce case resolution times.

Flexibility of Access

Dynamics CRM users can also access service and customer data in real time, from their office computer using MS Outlook or off-site via a web browser or mobile device.

Dynamics CRM Consulting

At Folio3, we are committed to delivering solutions to our customers on time and within budget. Our expertise in helping companies transform their business processes by utilizing Microsoft Dynamics comes from our extensive experience of successfully delivering a variety of Dynamics AX implementations. We have helped numerous clients improve their business and operational practices using Microsoft Dynamics and its related technologies. This experience allows us to successfully deliver Microsoft Dynamics implementations in hours and days, which other consulting companies take weeks and months to deliver.

Dynamics CRM implementation

With our extensive experience and proven implementation technique, we deliver Dynamics AX implementations to our clients on-time and on-budget. Our technical consults set milestones for all implementation projects in order to ensure that deadlines are met, and our customers like that strategy because they can decide how large of a part to play in the implementation process.

Utilizing the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology, we break down all Microsoft Dynamics implementations into the following phases: Analysis, Design, Development, Deployment and operations. This approach minimizes any associated risks, providing more transparency and improved accuracy, making it easier to make customizations to the system in the future or when migrating to another ERP.

Dynamics CRM Custom Application Development

Folio3 also provides Microsoft Dynamics CRM custom application development, helping customers address business specific issues by developing custom functionality in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Our team helps design, develop and implement these custom Dynamics CRM applications that include Business Reasoning Additions, Customer Side Programming, Work-flow Additions and Reasoning Development.

Dynamics CRM Integration

For companies interested in developing both front and back-end functionality in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Folio3 provides Dynamics CRM integration services for integrating sales, marketing, book keeping and supply chain functionality (among others) with the Dynamics CRM. We have extensive expertise in integrating Dynamics CRM with Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, and other 3rd party ERP Systems. We also provide cost-effective Dynamics CRM integration with external websites (hosted locally or wtih 3rd party hosting companies).

Dynamics CRM Migrations

Folio3 also offers Microsoft Dynamics CRM data migration services. With our  proven data migration tools, we make it easy for you to move from almost any company application to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We have helped our clients move from various CRM and ERP systems such as Sales force, Act!, SAP and Oracle (among others) to the Dynamics CRM. We provide end to end data migration to the Dynamics CRM, to make the transition as easy as possible for our clients.

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