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Business Process Consulting for Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP

The key behind any organization’s success are its employees. The way employees perform their duties and follow the procedures necessary to complete their work can create the difference between success and failure for the organization. This way of working also has a strong connection with the company’s ability to hire, encourage and maintain the most skilled employees. In order to succeed, companies need to identify opportunities to improve their operations, decrease waste, and automate manual processes. At the same time, they need to efficiently manage their relationship with their workforce, by ensuring that their employees daily activities are easier and more efficient.

Folio3 has helped its customers adopt new procedures and enhance workforce efficiency using the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP and its related technologies. This experience has allowed us to develop world-class skills and techniques to understand how individuals – within and outside the organization – relate to company processes and technology.

Our Business Process Consulting Services provide:

Improved efficiency

Enhance business and worker performance and decrease the chances of mistakes by automating manual, repetitive and critical company processes. Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you by integrating a central software with all your business processes.

Improved customer service

Process changes can result in new methods for you to deliver your work to customers and reveal new opportunities in existing customer relationships – causing a rise in the value that clients obtain from your solutions and products.

Reduce Turn-around Time

Improving operational processes will allow you to obtain the understanding and capability to quickly adjust to changing business needs and make more informed choices. They can help you change your company processes more easily and rapidly in order to distinguish your company from your competitors as well minimize business risk.

Rapid Market Expansion

Enter new marketplaces with confidence, knowing that your systems and business processes are nimble and versatile to support your achievements.

Increased Gains

Provide your teams with valuable insight into all aspects of your business, to help them make better decisions that will boost your company’s profitability while enhancing its capability to react to market changes.

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