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Warehouse Management Upgrade Project

This project was initiated to improve accuracy and efficiency in warehouse operations and reduce cost overhead at Growers Express. The objective was to eliminate the need for physical expansion of Growers’ Distribution Centers, by developing and implementing a more streamlined Warehouse Management System as well as making back-end customizations in Growers’ Dynamics AX ERP. With a more efficient WMS it was expected that WM transactions would increase by 300% – 400%. It was therefore critical that all transactions be performed in a quick and efficient manner. The key requirements for this project included:

  • Modifications to the Transfer process
  • Modifications to the Picking process (Full Pallet as well as Case Picking)
  • Modifications to the Sales orders procedures
  • Modifications to the Pallet Labels
  • WMS Scanning with Dual Scan Capability
  • Improved Reporting in Dynamics AX

To cater to these requirements, Folio3 developed and implemented the following custom functionality in Grower’ Dynamics AX ERP.

    • Developed a custom query in Dynamics AX that reflects Sales Orders that are waiting on product
    • Cooling and Put-Away Priority Form – reflects the priority to be accorded for cooling and put-away of product(s) that have been received at the distribution Center
    • Product Put-Away Form & Task List – custom functionality that aids the Inventory Supervisor in planning & organizing the put-away and/or transfer of products within the warehouse
    • Custom functionality that aids the Inventory Supervisor in identifying & organizing replenishment requirements on the Case Pick Line & within the Partials Reserve Area in the warehouse. This is done via the following forms and templates
      • Case Pick Area Replenishment Form.
      • Product Not Required on CP Line Form.
      • Available Locations in Partial Reserve Area Form.
      • Location State on CP Line Excel Template.
  • Custom functionality that provides Growers Express with the ability run a report reflecting the performance of Receivers, Put-away Operators, Case Pickers & Loaders. This is done via the following reports:
    • Receivers Report.
    • Put-away Operators Report.
    • Case Pickers Report.
    • Loaders Report.

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