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Dynamics AX 2012 ASP.Net Integration Project

Folio3 specializes in Dynamics AX 2012 ASP.Net integration. We helped Growers Express integrate their ASP.Net based HarvestTrac web application with its Dynamics AX ERP. This Dynamics AX 2012 ASP.NET integration solution enables Growers Express to:

    • Automatically create Purchase Orders in AX, such that upon generation of Harvest Tags in the fields and data being pushed up to and updated on the TrueTrac server/HarvestTrac, the relevant data for each harvest tag is automatically pushed into Dynamics AX.
    • Automatically update commodity ‘Receiving’ (receiving of a commodity at the Distribution Center) in Dynamics AX.
    • Automatically update commodity ‘Receiving’ in the TrueTrac server (in HarvestTrac). This is achieved via the following processes:
      • Data pertaining to the ‘Receiving’ is pushed up to the TrueTrac server and HarvestTrac, and the product is reflected as ‘Received’ in all necessary places in HarvestTrac, as per the current HarvestTrac configuration.
      • Once the product/harvest tag is received in HarvestTrac, an acknowledgement of the same is received in the form of a pop-up on the Purchase Order Overview screen in Dynamics AX (Accounts payable module > Purchase Order Details (under Common Forms) > Purchase Order Page > Advanced > Overview).

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