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Microsoft Dynamics AX for Distribution & Supply Chain Industry

Rapid innovation is taking place in product distribution across the globe. Although current distribution & supply chain channels have been greatly enhanced with new techniques such as global seeking, cross-sell abilities, third-party strategies and RFID recognition, suppliers are still under pressure due to intense competition and higher customer support goals. In order to deal with these changes, distribution companies have to apply more advanced control alternatives. Microsoft Dynamics AX for Distribution & Supply Chain Industry can provide this alternative, by helping distributors manage every aspect of their businesses, from order access and purchase, to stock and shipping control.

The Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP can help distributors identify market trends for effective demand planning and optimum performance. Microsoft Dynamics AX for Distribution & Supply Chain Industry offers the following benefits:

Improve Supply Chain and Warehouse management

  • Dynamics AX provides multi-site abilities to enable your entire supply chain.
  • Real-time exposure into stock, sales, purchasing, and financial information across multiple sites
  • Maintain precise, real-time stock data and improve layout, picking methods and movement
  • Create precise demand predictions

Optimize operations

  • Automates crucial company processes, from order placement to stock replenishment and helps reduce inefficient activities
  • Deliver real-time reports and business intelligence to management and customers
  • Enable client and supplier self-service through web portals

Optimizing Customer Support

  • Dynamics AX enhances the stability of your supply chain with the global available-to-promise (ATP) view, which provides delivery alternatives in the event of a sudden interruption
  • Improve sales and purchasing processes, track and locate stock items quickly, and help ensure precise cost and discount rates to enhance customer service

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