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Microsoft Dynamics AX for Manufacturing Industry

Reduce cost and speed to market and respond quickly to changing client requirements with the Manufacturing module in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. Providing real-time data on the organization and supply chain (including stock, factory and production), Dynamics AX for Manufacturing can help you improve production flow by preparing effectively, increasing resource usage, driving accurate distribution performance and optimizing company processes.

With Dynamics AX for Manufacturing Industry, you can design production to fulfill precise plans and distribution requirements. Track stock and distribution strategy with versatility and control. Access strategies, trade and CRM data to plan for purchase, production and transfer, and help reduce inventory, fulfill client requirements, and provide reliable guarantees for distribution. Plan production sites using multi-site abilities to maintain various production units.

Dynamics AX for Manufacturing Industry can help you by:

Managing production in a demand-driven environment

Get real-time, visibility into work in progress (WIP) with actual costs; so you can make improvements to avoid potential setbacks or cost overruns. Improve stock management based on requirement and forecasts.

Anticipating and reducing bottlenecks

Get a firm grip over every aspect of the development floor with bottleneck mitigation. Quickly view procedures and performance usage as a whole with a Gantt graph, and use drag-and-drop closing to reduce setbacks.

Gain deep understanding across the production sequence

Our Dynamics AX services help increasing exposure to the entire production process, you can improve business procedures and sources, reduce lead times, and identify precise distribution schedules.

Improved management of production procedures

Determine production sources (including machines, people, tools, and sub-contractors) and allocate them to specific group. Manage plans by using limited or unlimited capacity arrangement for maximum versatility.

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