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    The ERP software market has hit the benchmark of $41.69 billion, and these business automation tools certainly have an enormous impact on business performance. The numbers are pretty impressive, but businesses that haven’t used ERP solutions may not be able to understand the real benefits. However, globalization is squeezing the market for various industries, so it’s essential to have access to the right tool to add a competitive edge, and Visual ERP Software manufacturing ERP is one of them. So, let’s see what this ERP is all about!

    Visual Manufacturing ERP Software – What Is It?

    Visual Manufacturing ERP software is a well-designed and customized solution integrated with advanced tools for getting better control over different business processes. When it comes down to an ERP solution, it can help enhance the growth prospect for businesses. To begin with, the implementation of these agile manufacturing systems ensures efficient business processes and also reduces operational costs. As a result, the businesses can enjoy higher returns on investment.

    These ERP solutions are designed with a short deployment period so that integration can be done quickly. In particular, the Visual Manufacturing ERP solution helps reduce the manufacturing processes and ensures a higher productivity rate. On top of everything, it can help track the business records and manage the business processes. In addition, the returns on investment won’t only be higher but quicker as well because management structures are convenient.

    Overall, Visual Manufacturing ERP software is a well-designed system for manufacturing businesses, irrespective of the industry. For instance, it can be used in electronics, aerospace, and automobiles manufacturing industries. In the section below, we are sharing more about this ERP solution;

    Visual ERP

    This end-to-end and mobile-friendly ERP system offers value-based and advanced tools to medium-scale and small-scale manufacturers. These tools help manage the costs, plan the materials, and schedule the business process. This ERP solution allows businesses to view the order lifecycle, product state, use a what-if approach to optimize manufacturing, adjust the business schedules, and identify errors in business processes.

    The ERP software is basically powered by the SQLServer Database of Microsoft and can be integrated with Office. The software has a completely customizable and intuitive interface. More than thirty app extensions are available to increase the functionalities and enhance the capability to handle different business requirements. To date, this ERP solution has helped businesses from defense, aerospace, automotive, high-tech, machinery, electronics, specialty vehicles, and the medical device industry.

    • Features Visual Manufacturing ERP software has an extensive range of features and associated tools to offer higher productivity standards to businesses. Some of these features include the following;
    • Sales management helps manage and complete sales order processes, such as leads, order closing, and payment. It can offer a graphical image of the order lifecycle.
    • Engineering change control can track changes in documents, such as drawings, work orders, engineering graphs, and create a communication system.
    • Project management feature helps manage different projects according to the business structures. In addition, it supports government regulations.
    • Configuration management allows the users to design the products, display the process, check configurations, and upsell features.
    • Throughput management allows the businesses to assess the employee’s contribution to the business revenue and profit to streamline the operations.
    • The supply chain management feature helps manage the supply and demand through in-depth material planning, sales forecasting, and scheduling.
    • Lot and serial number control help track the serial numbers to comply with the company regulations and standards.
    • The API toolkit will help extract the database and update it.
    • The engineering master help creates quotes for delivery dates, support the manufacturing system, and schedule the manufacturing processes.

    In addition to these features, Visual Manufacturing ERP software allows businesses to track inventory, manage the supply chain, support scheduling systems, and track engineering activities. It also allows the users to set the manufacturing specifications and communicate with employees, vendors, and customers. With proper implementation of this ERP solution, the businesses will be able to sustain the availability of parts and raw materials and answer customer queries.

    It’s an excellent platform for automating the shop floor by integrating desktop and mobile devices. There is a dimensional inventory feature available to help users determine the material dimensions. On top of everything, there is a finance management feature that handles all finance-related tasks. Last but not least, it can automate the business processes and workflows while integrating the regulatory policies. All in all, it can be used by different industries, as we have mentioned previously.

    Integration of Visual Manufacturing ERP Software

    Visual Manufacturing ERP solution can be implemented through the hosted system, as well as through an on-premise basis. The implementation companies will implement the ERP software according to business goals and objects. In addition, the ERP software is reviewed after implementation, and required changes are made to optimize the functionality. It’s suggested that business users train the staff about the ERP software and make improvements in the system. As far as deployment time is concerned, it ranges from 3 to 5 months.

    The Downsides

    Virtual Manufacture ERP Software doesn’t have the Canadian payment option. To be honest, the basic functions are all right, but some businesses might need additional HR integrations and functionality.

    How Does Virtual Manufacturing ERP Software Work?

    It works as an integrated solution for businesses, and different aspects are integrated to optimize the business processes. For instance, it can help across various other departments, such as procurement, production, and streamline business operations. Even more, it allows the production managers to access different processes from the production department and make the decisions accordingly.

    Why Should Businesses Use Virtual Manufacturing ERP Software?

    There might be a time when businesses could operate and be productive without ERP solutions, but it’s not possible anymore. So, utilization of Visual Manufacturing ERP software will help reduce the ownership costs, promise higher returns on investment, and enhance the business visibility. All these benefits are attained because ERP software is the centralized system that also helps fix the business shortcomings.

    Why Is Folio3 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Better?

    When we talk about ERPs, it’s hard not to talk about Dynamics 365 ERP software. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the most comprehensive and robust ERP systems developed to offer complete automation solutions through integrated modules. This cloud-based ERP also offers AI tools and provides employee-oriented tools for higher productivity. The correct usage of Microsoft Dynamics also improves business-customer relationships and creates a win-win relationship. Lastly, there are in-depth performance insights available regarding business processes. If you are looking for Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation, Folio3 is your best technology partner. As a leading systems integration solution provider, we got the expertise and experience to plan, execute, monitor, and implement seamless Dynamics 365 ERP integration solutions with minimal business disruption.

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