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    If your organization gives out grants, you’ll face several challenges: the grant procedure must be maintained as simple as possible; grants must be supervised individually, and grants must be supervised on a program level. The Dynamics 365 Grant Management solution can help you overcome these obstacles.

    The Dynamics 365 Grant Management solution is excellent for organizations that award grants to people, enterprises, or governments.

    The Grant Manager can track the grant process from application to close; the accountant can readily understand when and to whom the grant funds should be distributed, and the Grant Reviewer can see all of the forms score applicants, and alert the client if any information is incomplete.

    Features Of Dynamics 365 Grant Management

    It’s a fully automated CRM system built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform that works with Microsoft Outlook, Excel, and a variety of accounting systems. This system gives you the tools you need to design, launch, automate, and administer grant programs. 

    The Microsoft Platform Base

    • Based on the Microsoft Platform, the system is completely open.
    • The cloud approach enables on-demand scaling.
    • There is no need to maintain the server.
    • Microsoft is in charge of backups, security, and disaster recovery.
    • Microsoft connectivity, standards, and interoperability.

    Dynamics 365 Grant Management: The Client Portal

    • Clients can register online.
    • Grant Application Processing via Portal displays Adjudication Progress and enables further input.
    • The Grant procedure is administered through the customer portal once it has been awarded.
    • Cost-cutting features include automated alerts, status updates, and more.
    • Complete connection with your company’s grant management software.

    Easy Integration With Office 365 and Email 

    • For simplicity of usage, the system connects with Outlook, Word, and Excel.
    • Notifications for customer updates are sent out automatically.
    • Clients and employees may maintain contact at any time, from any location, 24 hours a day, seven days a week with Omni channel access.
    • Client contacts are made easier with email links to the Portal.
    • For maximum efficiency and transparency, go paperless with a digital footprint.

    Customer Management

    • Through the web and email, Dynamics CRM makes client management simple.
    • Aims to integrate with Outlook to track client conversations in a centralized manner.
    • With a case history, anyone could administer a customer at any time.
    • Automated communications, notifications, and updates, among other things

    Dynamics 365 Grant Management: The Adjudication

    • Business Process norms will be enforced for online grant applications.
    • Work queueing and business rule evaluations are both automated.
    • Notifications are sent automatically in response to trigger activities or deadlines.
    • Allow notifications and updates to be sent to you via the portal.
    • Reduce expenditures while improving client outcomes.

    Easy Management Of Finance And Performance Reporting

    • The process of integrating financials into your accounting platform.
    • complete visibility Management and reporting dashboards and reports
    • All activities, portal activity, financial data, and grant data should be reported.
    • Powered by Microsoft Power BI, a market-leading solution.
    • To make it easier to use as an extra reporting tool, export it to Excel.

    Data Sharing

    • Maintain a Knowledge Base, as well as blogs, white papers, as well as other resources available.
    • Notifications and newsletters are sent in bulk.
    • Registration, user settings, and updates are all possible through the portal.
    • Services that are both free and chargeable are available.

    Dynamics 365 Grant Management: The Processing

    • Evaluation of Automated Business Rules
    • Notifications for analyzing and upgrading are sent automatically.
    • For optimal efficiency and timeliness, the system is fully connected with a portal.
    • Queues are sent to the relevant task groups for processing.
    • Management of GSLAs processes and oversights

    Event Management

    • Individual Team Meetings can be tracked together all way up to large events.
    • Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Email for notifications, reminders, sign-ups, and more.
    • Integrates with Portal enabling event payments and registration safely and securely.
    • Tools for follow-up and event promotion

    Dynamics 365 Grants Management dashboard Capabilities

    The business process flow for handling a grant from start to finish. Synchronous workflows keep track of important tasks automatically. Integrating staged gating and paddock security allows for role-based approvals. The high-value dashboard enables quick and easy access to active grants while also provoking insight by succinctly summarizing their key features.

    The Dynamics 365 Grant Management dashboard is a visual representation of active grants organized by type, amount, category, and month. The dashboard allows users to visualize trends, set due dates for open activities, and view the grant award process.

    Let’s have a look at the Grant created by the Program Officer:

    • Create

    With the entry of program details, starts the program creation process.

    • Fund 

    Both the Accountant and the Program Officer provide input on financial requirements.

    • Program Compliance

    It necessitates feedback on regulatory needs.

    • Review Requirements

    You can look at the requirements and review them as you go further processing your work towards accomplishment.

    • Open to Grants 

    The tab where you start with Grant applications. 

    • Close 

    It closes the program for Grant applications.

    Grant applications include a role-based approval process that incorporates the Grant Manager, the Applicant, and the Reviewer.

    • Create

    As Grant Manager, Applicant, create Grant Application and Applicant Initiations.

    • Review

    As Grant manager, Reviewer, enter information about the reviewers. When reviewers were appointed to the grant, create an Email report to notify the grant manager.

    • Verify

    Verify As a Reviewer, you can apply for a grant. Create an email to send to the applicant with the application.

    • Score 

    Assign a grade to each candidate. The reviewer generates an email recording to notify the management that all candidates have been scored.

    • Award 

    Information on the amount of money given out as Grant manager. At this point, the Grant Manager will create an Email record to notify the applicant that the grant has been approved, as well as an Email report to notify the accountant that a specific grant has been issued to a specific recipient.

    • Monitor 

    The grant’s use of funds will be monitored Grant manager, the Applicant. Create an email record to notify you of the grant launch date, completion date, and reporting cadence, as well as any changes to these dates. Send notice emails to the applicant and the grant manager when the total expenditure is 90 % of the total amount awarded.

    • End of Grant

    Create a record and send an email to the applicant to inform them that the grant has ended.


    Dynamics 365 Grant Management gives you deep transparency of Grant exercises with charts and graphs. It makes it easier for internally and externally reviewers to score grants, and it allows you to track expenses to properly allocate the budget.

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