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    According to PMI research, 86% of firms employ some sort of risk management strategy by using IT risk management software.

    Project managers who currently have a lot on their plates may find it time-consuming to determine what risks are probable to happen and where in a firm. It’s also critical to understand that as initiatives and the scope of the business development, so do the dangers inexorably. And in those circumstances, a single static risk management strategy is more detrimental than helpful.

    70% of senior managers are going to use digital risk management, according to McKinsey. To preserve a company’s resilience, IT risk management software utilization is therefore becoming more and more essential.

    The Importance Of IT Risk Management Software?

    Businesses can better prepare for cyberattacks and seek to lessen the effects of a cybersecurity event, should it occur, by detecting and assessing potential weaknesses in a corporate IT network. An IT risk management program’s procedures and regulations can assist in direct future choices about risk management while keeping an eye on business objectives.

    Best IT Risk Management Tools & Software

    A manual for the application of risk management, ISO 31000, was released. It offers a structure and direction for generic best practices but it isn’t industrial, management software, or topic area specific. Security and vulnerabilities analysis, risk and compliance, IT governance and protection, incidence, audit, and policy enforcement, reporting, notification, and alerts are frequently included in the finest risk management solutions. They are used to manage risks in projects or portfolios, as well as for financial, legal, human resources, and internal audits. The popular IT risk management tools listed below have received numerous positive evaluations and have received high user ratings and recommendations.

    • Zoho Projects

    Another project management application is Zoho Projects, which enables users to organize, plan, and work together on projects while using Gantt charts to precisely visualize timelines and progress.

    Additionally, there are capabilities for managing documents, recording time, and identifying and correcting errors. There are several connectors available, including those with Slack, Google, Dropbox, and the many other Zoho suites.

    According to the plan chosen, higher level plans offer infinite projects and higher restrictions, and pricing is based on the quantity of users, projects, and depth of features needed. To test out the functionalities of the software, a free plan is offered.

    • Basecamp

    One of the first project management tools, Basecamp has been operating for more than ten years and has developed a reputation that makes it an exceptionally credible tool for companies working on large projects.

    The most recent version of the app comes with a number of functionalities that are useful, such as the capacity to send direct messages for brief exchanges, create a schedule so that you only receive notifications during working hours, and express your gratitude for coworkers by clicking a clapping button. Basecamp prevents a disjointed workflow since it puts “discussions, tasks, files, schedules, and chat in one location,” according to the company.

    There are also some cool client-related features. For instance, it’s simple to save and keep track of customer comments and clearances, and you can also access project status reports. Additionally, you can make group chats to collaborate with others.

    You can test out the software by working on up to three projects involving up to 20 individuals using the free edition. The sole premium plan available after that includes every feature and an infinite number of users, offering it a fantastic price for teams but not so great for individual users.

    • Podio

    For professionals who are always working on several projects and coming up with fresh ideas, Podio was created. It is used by more than 400,000 organizations and groups worldwide, including Sony, Volvo, and the NFL.

    Using the Podio app, you may make tasks that are tailored to your workflow and take into account deadlines and responsibilities. Additionally, there is an integrated instant messaging feature that you may use to communicate with colleagues, share ideas, and monitor progress on assigned tasks. There is also a helpful option for gaining immediate feedback without sending numerous emails.

    You may effortlessly share material thanks to integrations with third-party companies like Dropbox and Google Drive. Other languages supported by Podio comprise French, German, Danish, Chinese, Spanish, and Russian.

    • Filestage

    An enterprise-ready risk management tool called Filestage enables teams to expedite the assessment and approval of their project deliverables. Filestage automates, streamlines, and ensures compliance with guidelines while streamlining feedback on deliveries all across the proofreading process. For marketing projects, video creation, website design, product catalogues, or anything else, make it possible for coworkers and clients to examine and annotate project deliverables (such as documents, photographs, or videos) in real-time and to approve files when they are finished.

    1. Create dependable review and approval procedures.
    2. Real-time comments can be made on audio, video, documents, and photos.
    3. clear version control of deliverables
    4. Using the project dashboard, you can keep track of all deliverables.

    The Final Thoughts 

    Consider your actual demands before choosing which It Risk management software to download and use. Free platforms may only offer basic possibilities, so if you require advanced features, you might discover that a premium platform is far more valuable. Additionally, free and inexpensive software solutions might occasionally fall short in terms of the variety of capabilities they offer, whereas more expensive software can truly meet all needs. As a result, make sure you have a clear understanding of the features you believe you might need.

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