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AX Integration Australia & New Zealand

Scalable Enterprise Resource Planning with Dynamics AX Integration

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Eliminate excessive data clutter and inaccuracies to gain complete data flow visibility

Dynamics AX 2012 Integration offers an array of functionalities for a wide range of industries and administrative processes. From improving manufacturing operations to assortment management across channels for retail operations, simplifying budgeting processes in the public sector and improving intercompany scheduling capabilities – Dynamics AX Integration is helping organizations across Australia and New Zealand improve customer services with effective business insights. Microsoft Dynamics AX Integration offers an extended global as well as regional reach with its localization support and simplified application lifecycle for customers in Australia as well as New Zealand.


Empower Your Teams with Dynamics AX 2012 Integration

Whether you require AX Integration or Dynamics AX 2012 Integration, at Folio3 we offer cost effective solutions to customize, automate and streamline your internal business data flow to our clients in Australia and New Zealand. Powered by Dynamics AX Integration, our solutions are designed to give your business the competitive edge it requires in the market. By syncing Dynamics AX Integration with your webstore and CRM system, we enable you to synchronize data flow between your critical business systems and facilitate data accuracy.

By allowing your sales and marketing teams to access key financial data for orders and customers available in the CRM you empower them to effectively resolve matters and take accurate decisions. Implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Integration for your organization will allow you to effectively:

  • Eliminate manual data entry errors with automation
  • Maintain data and reuse business logic in Dynamics AX
  • Support multiple languages and currencies
  • Streamline item, order and customer data processing
  • Synchronize customer and sales data between AX and CRM systems
  • Gain multi brand capabilities for B2B and B2C with a single platform
  • Optimize work performance with product replication and live queries
  • Multi layered architecture to cope with rapidly changing requirements

AX Integration made Simple with Folio3’s Dynamics AX Integration Solutions

At Folio3, we understand your need for providing reliable services to your consumers which is why we will help you completely leverage the power of Dynamics AX Integration by gaining bi-directional data exchange through eBridge connectors in Magento, Shopify and Dynamics AX. The expert team of AX Integration at Folio3 has firsthand experience in developing solutions well-known for their customization with powerful business intelligence modules to our customers in Australia and New Zealand. We have developed distinctive Dynamics AX 2012 Integration solutions for a wide range of industries and professional services. Our Dynamics AX Integration solutions are scalable and grow with your company’s rapidly changing font end and back end business requirements for the processes of:

  • Sales order shipment and invoice synchronization
  • Advanced filtering capabilities for AX field mapping
  • Leads & campaigns integration with marketing automation tools
  • Increase speed of data exchange and customer service efficiency
  • Connecting orders & distribution with warehouse management
  • Extracting data to external reporting systems and data warehouses
  • Sharing POs and payments with suppliers and trading partners

To-date we have built and maintained dozens of cloud-based AX connectors for hundreds of eCommerce platforms, trading partners and CRMs. Our Dynamics AX 2012 Integration solutions have successfully benefited multi-nationals and international organizations across Australia by assisting them in removing transactional barriers while meeting the regulatory requirements of the region.

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